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Centurion’s Directors
Pat Dickens
Managing Director
"We, at CENTURION, strive to create a values-based, employee-empowered, continuous-improvement culture. This is done to promote our offer of products and services of exceptional quality to you, our clients. Please feel free to let us know where we fall down, and what we can do to improve your experience with us."
Richard Rohman
Marketing and Sales Director
"Our company is driven by the passion to develop and engineer products that we can sell not only in our country of residence but all around the world. Undoubtedly we strive to ensure that our products are innovative, offering world class performance and reliability. Equally critical is the need to provide service and support that is second to none. I believe that the CENTURION team delivers on this and you will not regret the decision to purchase a CENTURION product. Put us to the test!"
Anne Dickens
"I studied English, Philosophy and Art History.  I would never have guessed that in my working career I would be thrown into the exciting task of helping grow a company involved in access automation design and manufacture.  The learning exposure has been immensely empowering, daunting at times but always satisfying and challenging.  Life is full of surprises and growing with CENTURION has certainly been that."
Ian Tingle
Production Director
"One of the key factors in the success of any manufacturer is its ability to maintain consistent product quality. To this end we are dedicated to a process of continuous improvement through the use of sound engineering design, multi-stage inspection and testing, supply chain partnerships and effective management. This basic business philosophy is not only limited to technical quality; it extends to all sectors of the business."
Nick Dickens
Financial Director
“Maintaining a sound financial backbone is always fundamental to every successful business, and at CENTURION this remains an overriding priority which underpins everything we do. We make use of class-leading software and technology to keep us on the leading edge of organisational control and information availability. With these systems and tools, and the skilled staff which implement and operate them, we have the foundation in place to create and realise value in both our core business areas and the new fringe markets into which we venture.”
Robert Dickens
Research and Development Director
“CENTURION’s Vision is to be a sustainable, global and world-class organisation. We are passionate about actualising every element of that vision. Not only do we strive to be recognised as the enduring superlative for autonomous control, but we also endeavour to design products, and utilise best business and manufacturing practises, to protect our natural world. We are proudly South African, but we think globally. To us, world-class means more than being able to compete globally. To us, it simply means being the best. To realise Centurion’s Vision, our winning team will settle for nothing less than being the BEST automation company in the world.”
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