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Schedule and Contents

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Please note:

We require new installers to do a D-Series Installation course (previously known as the D3/D5 Installation course), prior to attempting other courses.

In the event that there are less than five bookings for a course, the Centurion Systems Training Department reserves the right to postpone the training to another date. Notice of this postponement may be provided up to one day before the scheduled training date

Should an installer not pitch for the training session, no refund will be given; a new booking must be made with payment.

For bookings please complete the course enrollment form and faxed it to us or speak to one of our sales staff directly for bookings.

Click here to download the Head Office Product Training Schedule 2017 (78 KB) 

Click here to download the Pinetown Product Training Schedule 2017 (447KB)

Most training courses are conducted at our Head Office in North Riding, Johannesburg. For training courses conducted in other provinces  within South Africa or in Nigeria and Australia please contact you local CENTURION branch. For all training in all other countries please contact your local CENTURION distributor.


Contents of Courses:

D-Series Sliding Gate Operators (D2 Turbo, D5-Evo, D10, D10 Turbo) 

We recommend this course for beginners and any installer who has not done it before, even if they have installation experience

  • Course objectives
  • Introduction
  • Installation manual
  • Safety Instructions
  • Specifying a sliding gate operator
  • Specifications
  • Product Identification
  • Pre-Installation Check
  • Cable Requirements
  • Operator installation
  • Mount the rack
  • Mount Origin marker
  • Wiring concepts
  • Commissioning the system
  • DOSS
  • Setting features
  • Menu 1 –Setting Limits
  • Menu 2 – Safety 
  • Menu 3 – Autoclose 
  • Menu 4 – Modes of operation
  • Menu 5 – Run profile
  • Menu 6 – Infrared Beams
  • Menu 7 – Pedestrian
  • Menu 8 – Courtesy light
  • Menu 9 – ChronoGuard
  • Menu 10 – General Settings
  • Menu 11 – Remotes 
  • Controller features

D-Series Troubleshooting

We recommend this course only to installers who did the Installation Course and installed our sliding gate operators

  • Fault Finders Guide
  • Crawl Distance
  • Tips for Technicians
  • D3/D5/D5-Evo/D10 General Technical Queries
  • Diagrams

D-Series Controllers 

We recommend this course to experienced installers who have been installing our products, but need to know more about the LCD controllers

  • Safety requirements
  • Pre-Installation checks
  • Motor selection guidelines
  • Cabling requirements
  • Detailed wiring
  • How do the limit set-up
  • Features
  • Controller functions
  • Diagnostics

A10 Industrial Sliding Gate Operator Installation

We recommend this course to installers who have done the D-Series Installation Course or have experience with our sliding gate operators

  • Documentation
  • How does the installation manual work
  • Important safety instructions
  • Specifying the A10 Operator
  • Mechanical Set-up
  • Electrical set-up
  • Wiring concepts
  • Key electronic features
  • Commissioning
  • Programming concepts
  • Diagnostic differences
  • The functions of the DC converter
  • Performing the installation handover

 Traffic Barrier and Accessories Installation

We recommend this course to installers that are new to barrier installations

  • Basic kits for booms
  • Types of booms
  • Spring tension
  • Determination of operational mode
  • Orientations
  • Cable Requirements
  • Installation
  • Electrical Connections
  • Commissioning
  • Manual Release
  • Maintenance
  • Exploded Diagrams
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Specifications
  • Glossary

VECTOR2 Linear Swing Gate Operator Installation

We recommend this course to installers that are new to swing gate automation installations, and to experienced installers who are not familiar with the VECTOR2 operator

  • Important Safety Instructions
  • General Description
  • Controller Features
  • Specifications
  • Package Contents
  • Required Tools & Equipment
  • Site Considerations
  • Determine Gate Swing Angle
  • Operator Installation
  • Inward Swing Gates
  • Outward Swing Gates
  • Control Box Installation
  • Electrical Set-Up
  • CP84SM2A Charger Connection
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Description of terminal functions
  • Wiring Diagram for MASTER operator
  • Wiring Diagram for SLAVE operator
  • Wiring Diagram for Safeties
  • Wiring Diagram for Other Inputs
  • Allowable Wind Loading
  • Default Factory Settings
  • Installation Handover

R3/R5 Rotary Swing Gate Operators Installation

We recommend this course to installers that are new to swing gate automation installations, and experienced installers who are unfamiliar with the R3 an R5 rotary arm operators

  • Introduction
  • Documentation
  • How does the installation manual work?
  • Important safety instructions
  • How the R5 differs from the R3
  • Specifying the R3/R5 operator
  • Types of DC operators
  • Mechanical set-up
  • Electrical set-up
  • Performing installation handover


General Access Control - Remotes; Keypads; SOLO Proximity Access Control; POLOphone & Legrand Intercom Systems

We recommend this course to all installers who want to expand their knowledge regarding access control equipment

  • Entry Level Access Control
  • How Secure are the Remote controls that we use?
  • Centurion Flies Solo
  • The Lattice Proximity Access Control Network
  • Basic concepts
  • Keypad
  • Remote Control
  • Intercom – Audio
  • Intercom – Video
  • Tag Access Control

Proximity Access Control - Lattice/Solo

We recommend this course to installers that would like to up skill into Access Control

  • Basic Hardware Installation
  • Reader PCB Layout
  • Supplying Power to the Reader
  • Magnetic Lock Wiring
  • Striker Lock Wiring
  • Door Sense, FRX Input and Alarm Wiring
  • SmartSwitch II Wiring
  • Wiring the L1000 to the Take-Up Head
  • The Lattice Network
  • Wiring the L1000 to a LSH
  • RS485 – What Is It?
  • How To Connect Devices on the Lattice Network
  • Cable Requirements to Supply Readers
  • Retuning the Reader for Steel/Masonry
  • Magnetic Field Pattern of the Reader
  • The Physical Tag – Simplified
  • Outputs on the Lattice Slave Head
  • Outputs on the L1000 Controller
  • Configuration
  • Door Sense
  • Free Exit Input
  • Limited Uses
  • Anti-Passback Levels
  • L1000 Programming
  • LatticeWare demonstration


SAFLEC Access Control System

We recommend this course to all installers who want to do Access Automation for larger applications

  • Basic Hardware Installation
  • Basic Software Installation


MKII GSM Cellular-based Multi-unit Intercom System

  • Main features

  • How to operate my system
  • Residents entering the premises
  • Visitors entering the premises
  • Visitors leaving the premises (If feature available/installed)
  • How to program my Mircell
  • Requirements
  • How to download and upload the spreadsheet
  • Editing a downloaded spreadsheet
  • How to change access settings
  • My Mircell configuration
  • What is a gate access report
  • How to run a gate access report
  • What is a telephone usage report
  • How to run a telephone usage report
  • What is a complex audit report
  • How to run a complex audit report
  • Major component list
  • Wall mounting instructions
  • Fitting a gooseneck
  • How to wire a Mircell system
  • Supervisor codes

XTrac Sectional and Tip-up Garage Door Operator (GDO) Installation

We recommend this course to beginners in Garage Door Automation and those unfamiliar with the XTrac
Please note this course does not teach installation of actual garage doors

  • Basic Terminology Sectional Garage Door
  • Important Safety Recommendations
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Installation Instructions
  • Settings and Adjustments
  • Options and Features
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Specifications


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