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Product - MyGSM Web Portal

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Online user interface for administering MyGSM GSM devices.



The MyGSM Web Portal is your gateway to a world of absolutely mind-blowing functionality, not to mention supremely easy administration of all your MyGSM modules.

By registering on the MyGSM website, you can conveniently add, edit and delete users, send bulk SMSs, set automatic time-based activations and more – all from a single user profile page. Combined, the power of the internet and the power of the super-advanced MyGSM range serve to give you access management like you’ve never experienced it before.

Main features

  • A registration option to suit your needs
    Why pay for what you don’t use? For basic access control requirements, sign up as a Free User and add up to 750 users per unit, send bulk SMSs to users and clients and get 10 free credits on sign-up! Or, for more advanced functionality, register as a Full User and get unlimited access to a host of amazing access management features.
  • Hassle-free adding of users
    Depending on your registration option, you can add up to 5000 users per unit using MyGSM’s phenomenally user-friendly online interface.
  • Send bulk SMSs to users and clients
    This is an incredibly useful online feature that allows you to send SMSs to a list of users via the web portal. It provides a convenient way for guesthouses to communicate with past visitors, for example letting them know of upcoming specials, etc. It can also be used by bodies corporate to inform residents that their contracts are up for renewal or that their rent is overdue.
  • Time-based user access*
    Set an access number to only be valid for as long as it needs to be – be it a day, a week or a month – ideal for controlling visitor access in a Bed and Breakfast environment or for letting armed response or maintenance personnel in and out.
    *Full user only
  • Control unit enable/disable times*
    Disable outputs after hours and during weekends for added security. Using the web portal, you can select which outputs are active during which times and for which users so you can grant your family permanent access but restrict that of your garden services to Tuesdays and Thursdays only.
    *Full user only
  • Guest addition functionality*
    This unique feature allows guesthouse owners and bodies corporate to set the amount of time for which a user’s access number will be valid, and also allows a custom SMS to be sent to the visitor before arrival and after departure, for example welcoming them to the venue and thanking them for their patronage.
    *Full user only




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