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Product - RDO (Roll-up)

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Domestic roll-up garage door motors
CENTURION RDO roll-up garage door motor
CENTURION RDO roll-up garage door motor


This is the way we roll! With our RDO roll-up garage door motor that is.

A 24V DC high-torque motor, operating so quietly you'll need to look at the door just to be sure that it's moving.

With an RDO not even power outages can close you down. Its reliable battery backup will keep you coming and going like there's no tomorrow.

All this opening and closing had better be safe and secure. Utilising CENTURION's ultra-secure code-hopping remote controls, and coupled with its anti-crushing sensitivity, the RDO has you covered. 

Main features

  • Fitted for safety
    The motor is mounted on the inside of the drum, giving no exposure to dangerous moving parts. The sensitive anti-crushing system technology adds to the safety features of the system making it a truly safe garage door motor.
  • Powerful, quiet DC motor with battery backup
    A high-torque, potent DC motor will lift your roll-up door silently. Driven by a 24V DC battery supply, the system provides uninterrupted operation regardless of power outages.
  • Minimum side room
    The motor can be fitted in an extremely narrow opening due to clever, compact design of the unit.
  • Light your way
    A courtesy light comes on as soon as you activate the system, illuminating your garage while you get in or out of your vehicle. The built-in timer switches the light off automatically.
  • Easy to commission
    Incorporating mechanical end-of-travel and safety force micro switches, the opening and closing positions and anti-crushing settings are simple and easy to adjust.
  • Take control
    Using CENTURION remote controls with code-hopping technology, the system offers the ultimate in remote control security. Transmitting a unique, changing code with each operation, the remote control signal can neither be grabbed nor copied.
  • Autoclose*
    Look, Ma, no hands! If you forget to close your garage door, the CENTURION RDO will do it for you - if you have activated the Autoclose feature.
    *Infrared safety beams need to be installed to utilise the Autoclose feature
  • Ease of installation and adjustment
    Ready. Set. Go! Mount the controller and slide the operator into the drum. Adjust the limits and spring tension and then add the remote controls. Within minutes of arriving on site, the unit can be assembled, installed and set up. Such ease saves time, saves money!
  • Anti-crushing control
    RDO sensors ensure that your garage door will never close on your child, car or pet - if an obstruction is detected the door will stop and reverse immediately.


View Technical Details
RDO's Technical Data
Data Description

Input voltage

220 - 240V +/-10%, 50Hz

Motor voltage

24V DC

Motor power supply

Battery driven - 200mA charger - peak

Opener lifting force


Door travel speed


Duty cycle - mains present 20%
Daily operations - max 20
Maximum door size 6m2 – (max width 2.8m)
Onboard receiver specification

CENTURION code-hopping, 433MHz, capacity - 36 transmitter buttons

- Can operate off a solar supply, consult Centurion Systems for assistance
- 2 x 1.2A/H batteries (can be upgraded for longer power failure autonomy)
- Based on a pull force of less than 50% of rated
- Based on 25oC ambient temperature
- Only 1 button per transmitter is used


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RDO Roll-up Garage Door Motor Installation Manual (1.41MB)
CENTURION RDO Brochure (465kB)
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