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Product - FLUX SA (Standalone)

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Standalone inductive-loop vehicle detector
CENTURION FLUX SA inductive vehicle loop detector
CENTURION FLUX SA inductive vehicle loop detector


The FLUX SA is a single channel, standalone highly sensitive inductive loop detector designed for vehicle access applications.

The detector is responsive, highly sensitive, and utilises sophisticated software algorithms which adapt to prevent false triggering due to changing environmental conditions. Easy to use dipswitches, as well as visual and audible feedback of inductive loop operation, ensure a hassle-free installation experience.

Typical uses include free-exit loops, safety loops, closing loops for traffic barriers, arming loops for access control equipment, and general vehicle sensing applications.

Main features

  • Very fast detection speed for quick response times
  • Detection filter and high-level circuit and loop protection provides excellent immunity to interference from external sources for improved reliability
  • Easy to install and commission saving you time and money
  • Audible and visual diagnostics for ease of set up and maintenance
  • Removable terminals for quick and easy maintenance
  • Boot-loader interface for ease of firmware upgrades
  • Dedicated reset button to assist with quick maintenance procedures
  • Wide, adaptive self-tuning range for outstanding reliability
  • Excellent, strong loop field strength for reliable operation
  • Selectable Permanent Presence feature to prevent unintended barrier or gate closure
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost feature which boosts the sensitivity automatically for the reliable detection of vehicles of various heights
  • Compact housing with clever design features enhancing ease of installation and monitoring diagnostics


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FLUX SA Standalone Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector
Data Description
Operating voltage

10 - 40V DC, or 7 - 28V AC

Standby current


Output relay rating

1A @ 125V AC

Detection time

4ms @ 100kHz loop frequency
10ms @ 40kHz loop frequency

Visual LED indicators

Showing Power; Loop Fault; Loop detection level (five LEDs); Detect

Audible indicators

Buzzer with indication of loop detection level and loop fault

Weight 900g
Detector tuning range  15 - 1500µH
Electronics protection  Isolation transformer with 10kA lightning protection
Dimensions 105mm (length) X 60mm (width) X 26mm (height)




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