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Product - SAFLEC (Networked)

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Networked proximity access control system for large installations
Saflec networked proximity access control system
Saflec networked proximity access control system


A networked access control system suitable for large, complex installations. It can easily integrate with various makes of Wiegand biometric readers such as Sagem.

Main features

  • Easy user-friendly installation and setup
  • Anti-passback and Zone control
  • Extremely flexible events & actions
  • Flexible Time & Attendance exporting
  • Site-based configuration and hardware filtering
  • Graphical event and alert monitoring and control
  • PC-Based actions for controlling 3rd party devices (CCTV, etc.)
  • Tag-holder sequencing tasks (enforcing Time & Attendance clockings)
  • Quick search filters, low bandwidth setting and on-the-fly configuration
  • Random search and tag holder counters for scripting
  • Software plug-in for PC-based overrides or custom extensions
  • Biometrics integration with Wiegrand readers such as SAGEM


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SAFLEC Proximity Access Control System Brochure (267kB)
SAFLEC SDC-220 Two-door Ethernet Controller Quick Start Guide (1.11MB)
SAFLEC SDC-520 Ethernet Controller Quick Start Guide (1.04MB)
SAFLEC SDC-550 Multiple Door Controller Quick Start Guide (856KB)
SAFLEC SEB-700 TCP/IP Expansion Unit Quick Start Guide (244KB)
SAFLEC SEB-710 IO Expansion Board Quick Start Guide (869KB)
SAFLEC SEB-722 Remote IO Expansion Board Quick Start Guide (492KB)
SAFLEC SSI-301 Isolated Wiegand Converter Quick Start Guide (461KB)
SAFLEC SSR-201 Proximity Reader Quick Start Guide (446KB)
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