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Product - SOLO (Standalone)

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Standalone proximity access control system
CENTURION SOLO standalone access control keypad
CENTURION SOLO standalone access control keypad


Designed for small standalone access control applications where security, cost and simplicity are important

This exceptionally affordable device relies on a valid tag or access card being presented before access is granted. The SOLO can cater for 50 user tags (ZAPtags) with the ability to selectively add and delete users. It supports a single channel output with latch or non-latch functionality and the option to provide a secure link with the access point device via a “SmartSwitch”. SOLO offers other useful features such as door monitoring with alarm activation which will sound after a predetermined period if the door has been forced or simply left open.

Main features

  • 50 tag memory
  • 13.56Mhz operating frequency.
  • Excellent read range
  • Easy programming of user tags
  • Selectively add and delete tags
  • Free-exit input
  • Alarm output for:
    • Door open
    • Door forced
  • Optional secure link (SmartSwitch II)
  • Weatherproof reader (surface and flush mount)
  • Optional anti-knock shield for reader



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