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Product - D10 Turbo (High-speed / Industrial)

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High speed industrial sliding gate motor
CENTURION D10 Turbo industrial sliding gate motor
CENTURION D10 Turbo industrial sliding gate motor




The lightning-fast CENTURION D10 Turbo industrial sliding gate motor is the perfect solution for speed freaks to get their fix. Whether you're just in a hurry, or seriously concerned about your security, there is no time wasted with the D10 Turbo at your gate. This beast will move a gate weighing up to 1000kg and, depending on the weight of the gate, can reach speeds of up to 50 metres per minute. It's our fastest operator yet!

Click here to see a D10 Turbo in operation        See just how much faster the D10 Turbo is than its competition

Main features

  • Speed and power
    Brains, brawn and whirlwind speed! A robust but quiet 24V DC motor, coupled with a precision die-cast aluminium gearbox, generates enough torque to allow the D10 Turbo to shift a four metre gate in less than five seconds! An oil-lubricated gearset makes sure that this gate motor will just keep on going.
  • Intelligent speed control
    A gate motor to suit your lifestyle. Play it safe and set your gate to move slowly so your children won't be hurt. If it's your security you are worried about, open the gate so fast that you don't have to slow down when you turn into your driveway. It will lock behind you in a matter of seconds.
  • Battery backup
    A 24V battery with rapid charger ensures that come low voltages, power spikes or failures, you can always get in or out.
  • Accurate and safe position control
    With the D10 Turbo on guard, there's no chance that your gate will damage your vehicle or hurt your children or pets. The tiniest obstruction will stop your gate dead in its tracks.
  • Attractive styling
    This CENTURION's sleek design and rugged, yet modern armour will complement any driveway.
  • Jam-free manual override
    An innovative conical design means no more jamming. The CENTURION D10 Turbo can be put into manual so effortlessly! No more smarting thumbs or put out backs.
  • Easy setup for simple installation
    Ready? With only two bolts required to secure the D10 Turbo, this - along with its sibling the D10 - is our easiest unit to install yet! We've incorporated a jacking system so levelling of the gate motor is a cinch. Mounting points are slotted allowing large adjustment to align the operator with the gate. Set. Go!
  • Intelligent automatic setup
    Once you've got it in, it basically sets itself up. Use your LCD controller to follow an easy to use Q and A system that makes setting up things like gate End-of-travel Limits as easy as setting the time on your watch. The D10 Turbo does all the thinking for you.
  • Multiple operating features
    With so many features, you're going to have to buy the D10 Turbo just to try them all out! One of our favourites is Holiday Lockout Mode - once enabled, your gate will become totally immobilised. The only way to get in will be to go straight through - with something very large.
  • Operate wirelessly, thanks to CENTURION1
    Besides its code-hopping technology offering the highest level of remote control security, this multichannel and multi-user CENTURION onboard receiver allows for a multi-button remote to operate any combination of the system inputs, such as Gate Trigger, Pedestrian Opening, Holiday Lockout, etc. It stores up to 500 transmitter buttons, and amongst other access control features, it provides the ability to selectively add and delete transmitter buttons saved into its memory.
    1. CENTURION code-hopping
  • Alarm features (a world first)2
    Burglars have some nifty techniques to get into your home. Forrtunately, criminals can't outsmart the CENTURION D10 Turbo. An ambush alarm will alert your security company if the opening or closing beams are interrupted for a predefined, but adjustable, time. Similarly, a Break-in Alarm will go off if the closing beam oustide your house is interrupted. Their gig is up.
    2. Reguires gate safety beams to be installed
  • Advanced diagnostics
    Our intelligent LCD-based controller puts the power of the D10 Turbo at your fingertips. An intuitive and user-friendly interface gives you access to features you never even knew existed. Beyond setting one of the gate motor's numerous functions and monitoring diagnostic info - they will actually let you know if something is wrong. Somebody's been loitering at your gate? Your controller will tell you.
  • ChronoGuard timer technology (a world first)
    This operator is so advanced that it no longer needs humans to look after it. With CENTURION's ChronoGuard timer technology onboard, many of the features can be set to operate automatically or be time-barred at any time you choose. Its built-in Real Time Clock and Calendar allows you to set up different exclusions, which can cater for public holidays, special Time-periods, etc.



View Technical Details


D10's Technical Data
Data Description
Input voltage

90-240V AC, 50Hz

Motor voltage

24V DC

Motor power supply

Battery Driven – (standard capacity 2 x 7Ah)

Push force – rated


Gate speed (varies with load)

40 - 50m/min

Duty cycle - mains present


Daily operations – max 750
Gate mass - max 1000 - 240kg (depending on speed settings)
Onboard receiver specification

CENTURION code-hopping ,multichannel, 433MHz, capacity - 500 transmitter buttons

- Can operate off a solar supply, consult Centurion Systems for assistance
- 2 x 7Ah battery (can be upgraded for longer power failure autonomy)
- Based on a pull force of less than 50% of rated
- Based on 25oC ambient temperature and unit not in direct sunlight





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