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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product FAQ

  • Why use DC motor or battery operated motor on a gate opener?
  • How many times can I open my D5-Evo / D5 / D3 operated gate with mains power failure?
  • What is the biggest gate that can be operated with the D5-Evo / D5 / D3 / A5?
  • Why does the A5/D5 sometimes seem to lose its endpoint setting? (Refers only to version 1 type D5 or A5 motors)
  • When setting my gate limits, ‘open’ and ‘close’ work fine, but I can't set my pedestrian opening point? (This applies only to the older version 1 D5 and A5 motors)
  • I have set my gate limits successfully, but when I run the gate it slams into the end stops. (This applies only to the older version 1 D5 and A5 motors)
  • My A5 motor stops intermittently for no apparent reason. Sometimes it stops during opening and sometimes during closing.
  • When the gate closes it seems to hit an obstruction and then re-open. This sometimes happens 3 times in a row.
  • What is PCM
  • What is PIRAC mode?
  • What is CONDOMINIUM mode?
  • Can a battery larger than 7A/H be used on Centurion battery operated gate systems?
  • When I go into set-up mode, L1 starts flashing once, then twice, then three times etc.
  • My gate opens, but then won't close.
  • My gate won't operate.
  • How do I secure the mounting bracket for steel rack installations?
  • What gap is necessary between the origin marker face, and the cover of the unit?
  • How can I tell if the origin subsystem is working properly?
  • Origin system troubleshooting.
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