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This has been another uncertain year, and the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, bringing about a new normal that has begun bedding down as more and more people work from home in an effort to curtail the spread of the pernicious virus and we remain vigilant in every situation by wearing masks, maintaining social distance and being diligent about washing of hands, etc.

We are now facing a new threat, unfortunately right as we are ready to head off on our summer vacation, in the form of the so-called Omicron variant, which was reported to the World Health Organisation on 24th November by South Africa. Adding to the uncertainty were the riots in July as well as the NUMSA strike that ended in October. Both these events, caused disruptions to our economy and the general morale of our country.

However, I would like to end this year on a positive note by talking about something that has had, and continues to have, a positive transformative effect on society, and that is technology.

At CENTURION, we firmly believe that we have to be part of these inexorable technological improvements that take place. When it comes to access automation, we are confident that the future is SMART.

From a mechanical installation perspective, our SMART solutions boast an intuitive, installer-friendly architecture with easy access to mounting hardware, improved cable management and a spacious interior and dedicated accessory tray for neatly and safely stowing complementary solutions such as GSM devices.

We have also tried to make it incredibly easy to commission the system, configure its many great features and access advanced diagnostics with an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app called MyCentsys Pro.

There is no doubt that SMART is going to make life easier for installers while providing excellent security and convenience for end-users thanks to features such as lightning-fast operation and extended battery backup, which is crucial as we face a renewed bout of load-shedding.

Pursuant to this, we launched our wider range of SMART products and plan going forward to extend this to as many of our access automation products as possible. We hope that you had the opportunity to watch the launch and learn a bit more about these products but, if not, it is available in its entirety on YouTube.

Moving on, we truly hope that you, our loyal installers and distributors, will in turn embrace these new products to benefit your clients and in turn your businesses.

You just need to look at the technological advances being made in the automotive industry where soon, driverless vehicles will be a reality – to appreciate that adopting SMART is the automatic choice if you want to make lives easier

In conclusion, we are most grateful to have seen the robust security sector continue to flourish and hope that all our respective companies have been able to benefit and this is despite the myriad of challenges facing the economy.

On behalf of Centurion Systems, I would like to wish you a safe and joyous festive season, and we look forward to making your life even easier in 2022.

Richard Rohman
Centurion Systems MD

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