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While the popularity of solar power as an alternative energy source has certainly soared in the last couple of decades, harnessing the power of the sun has a long and storied history dating back to the 7th century B.C., when our ancestors cooked their food on fires ignited through magnifying sunlight. Some four centuries later, advanced civilisations such as the Greeks and Romans employed solar power, harnessed with mirrors, to light candles for religious ceremonies. Fast-forward another couple of centuries to the heady afterglow of the Second Industrial Revolution, and we have French scientist Edmond Becquerel, widely credited as the inventor of the solar cell.

In modern times, solar power has been adopted in a wide variety of applications, ranging from heating water to solar lighting, providing a stable and renewable alternative energy source with a number of salient benefits over electricity.

But did you know that you can use solar energy to power our industry-leading access automation solutions, which include gate and garage door motors, traffic barriers and wireless repeaters?

Below are some great reasons to go solar for your next CENTURION installation:

No electricity? No problem!

With solar, you can enjoy the world-class security and convenience afforded by our products wherever you are, even if there’s no mains power available at the site of installation. This makes our range ideal for remote locations, such as gates on farms and lodges.

It’s a renewable energy source

Solar power produces renewable or “clean” energy, meaning that it cannot be depleted or exhausted and is naturally replenished by the Earth’s own resources, in this case the sun. In other words – the system won’t run out of power and is not dependent on human intervention.

The best power failure autonomy

Power outages can leave a person feeling a bit, well, powerless, so why not choose an access automation solution that lets you operate completely independently of the country’s utility grid and gives you uninterrupted security and convenience?

Convenience with a conscience

Electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal, which produces greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Because solar power is harnessed using natural resources, it does not produce such emissions and therefore benefits the environment.

Easy to maintain

Besides requiring a routine wash every now and again to clear away any dirt, leaves and other debris that may have accumulated over time, solar panels are practically maintenance-free!

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