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Can you dig it, sucka?

If that line sounds vaguely familiar (and insulting), that’s because it was the catchphrase of WWE superstar Booker T, and usually signalled the wrestler’s arrival at whatever scripted, soap opera-esque beat-down was taking place at the time.


It’s a memorable, quotable little line, and makes about as much sense as Hulk Hogan’s presumably rhetorical inquiry of can you smell what the Hulk is cooking? What exactly is the Hulk cooking? We may never know, but our guess is that it contains plenty of protein.

Confusing wrestling slogans aside, “can you dig it?” is probably something that you’ve been asked countless times by clients who need to link various appliances around their homes or offices. While the vast majority of us would, presumably, do anything to meet our clients’ needs, extensive wired civils don’t exactly top the list of quick and easy solutions. Cabling that requires digging and tunnelling is time-consuming, labour-intensive and, from the client’s perspective, extremely costly.

Our brand new WiZo-Link wireless solution makes it easy to connect a virtually limitless range of appliances – from gate motors and electric fences to pool pumps and irrigation – without having to dig up your client’s prized petunias.

No more digging


WiZo-Link nodes communicate with one another via a wireless protocol to create what is known as a mesh network; a secure and robust wireless environment with each new node added to the network acting as a repeater and strengthening the signal.


Whether your client wants to wirelessly and remotely switch on her patio lights, activate her sprinklers or receive notifications on her mobile phone if her house alarm is triggered, a WiZo network is the easiest, least invasive and most cost-effective way to achieve a powerful home automation system.

Adapts to the environment

Traditional networks may be compromised by the presence of buildings, trees and other structures obstructing the transmission path. Mesh networks like the one created by WiZo-Link automatically adapt to the environment by finding the optimal route for wireless communication. WiZo-Link is a bidirectional device, meaning that each device in the network acts as both transmitter and receiver, further strengthening the network and making for a truly robust wireless infrastructure that isn’t reliant on line-of-site transmission.

Seamless integration with CENTURION GSM

Bring your client’s WiZo network to life by adding a CENTURION G-ULTRA GSM unit. All your client will need is a single, centralised GSM unit to monitor and control all her WiZo-Linked appliances via her mobile phone. This is a far more cost-effective solution than installing a GSM unit at every appliance that the client would like to monitor and/or control, and she’ll save a wad of cash on cabling and installation costs, not to mention the convenience of controlling her home from her phone.

Scalable and expandable


The beauty of a WiZo-Link network lies in its superior flexibility and customisability. One could, for example, start by switching on a single outside light and gradually add to the network until there is a considerable number of “nodes” performing a variety of functions.

Check out our report on the launch of CENTURION’s versatile wireless solution, held via a series of spectacular events countrywide.

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