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Recent years have seen the rise of the so-called “smart” or “connected” home, kick starting an odyssey that would see us go from the simple remote control of various appliances to enjoying a completely wireless environment and giving us total dominion over our surroundings. In what can only be described as remarkably prescient, Serbian-American innovator – a man virtually unrivalled in his contributions to modern technology, most notably the AC motor – once said “when wireless is fully applied, the earth will be converted into a huge brain, capable of response in every one of its parts”.

Even as a noted futurist, this world in which “all particles are part of a real and rhythmic whole”, as he so astutely put it, must have seemed like little more than a pipe dream at the beginning of the 20th century when this man, whose name and innovativeness went on to inspire one of the most important technology producers of our time, was doing his most important work.

And yet, here we are, part of the rhythmic whole in which instant communication with each other and with technological systems is possible, irrespective of distance.

Mobile telephony has been an integral part of this journey and, thanks to continuous advancements in this field, today we have total convenience and control quite literally at our fingertips.

Our ULTRA range of GSM solutions is very much a product of this brave new world in which the airwaves have largely replaced wires as the carriers of communication signals: a device that lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere using your phone.

Here are five ways that our ULTRA range will make your life easier:

Total control

Use your phone and the G-REMOTE mobile app, which communicates wirelessly with your G-ULTRA, to remotely activate anything from gate motors and swimming pool pumps to water heaters and irrigation.

Intelligent control

The G-ULTRA has four channels which, when configured as inputs, can be used to monitor water reservoir levels, gate status (open, closed, etc.) and mains power by sending push notifications directly to your phone.

Money saving

The G-ULTRA uses GSM technology to communicate with your phone, meaning that there is no need to have hard-wired connections to the appliances that you are monitoring and activating, which saves you money on labour and materials.

Automatic activations and scheduling

Between work and home, we know that life can get pretty hectic, and there’s enough things to remember as it is, from paying bills to drinking enough water. With the G-ULTRA, you can program the module to switch a wide variety of systems on and off automatically, including sprinklers and lighting.

Answer your intercom from anywhere

The G-SPEAK ULTRA is our wireless, mobile-based intercom system that allows voice communication between the gate station and up to four different mobile numbers. This means that you can answer your intercom even if you aren’t home and, because the module has four channels that can be setup as either inputs or outputs or any combination of the two, you can also remotely open your gate and perform a host of other functions from your phone, from anywhere.

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