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What’s love got to do, got to do with it, legendary pop diva Tina Turner wanted to know in the leather-lunged chanteuse’s 1984 hit, which is as recognisable today as it was almost 40 years ago.

Quite a lot, as it turns out. So much, in fact, that there is an entire month dedicated to what Sophocles called the “one word that frees us from all the weight and pain of life”.

In honour of the month of love, we’ve curated a list of all the best CENTURION products to fall in love with this February.

Gate motors

We all have a list of qualities that we look for in a prospective romantic partner, whether looks, intelligence or all-round dependability. You’ll find all of these features in our industry-leading gate motors. From the strong, silent type to the compact and tenacious, we have a gate motor for you.

Our gate motors boast the following features:

  • Unmatched reliability and durable construction
  • Dependable battery backup for continued operation during power outages
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Fast opening and closing for maximum security

NOVA remote controls

The happy union of security and convenience makes our award-winning remote controls the must-have accessory this Valentine’s month. With durable silicone buttons, ultra-secure code-hopping technology and an ergonomic design, you just can’t go wrong with these beauties.

WiZo-Link wireless automation

With robust, flexible wireless technology, love is really in the air this Valentine’s Day. The month of love is all about connection, so why not connect your home with an always-on, ultra-secure wireless network that can be used to monitor and control virtually anything – wirelessly!

GSM solutions

Our extensive GSM range is all about acts of service and giving you the best all-round convenience and control by leveraging the power of mobile technology. Think your cellphone is just for sending heart emojis and loved-themed GIFs to your sweetheart? With our GSM products, you can monitor and control a wide range of appliances and solutions – including gate motors, alarms and sprinklers – from anywhere using your phone.

Traffic barriers

Everyone admires a hard worker, and none works harder than our SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier. Choose this powerful workhorse for office parks, residential complexes, car dealerships, shopping centres and hospitals.

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