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“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”

Indeed, Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning loved her paramour fiercely, boldly, and in every known dimension (“to the depth and breadth and height”, according to the next line of her ode to Cupid’s arrow; because apparently she loved geometry as much as the anonymous object of her affection, immortalised here in Sonnet 43).

Love is in full bloom, stores awash in a sea of red and white, choruses of adulation sweeten lips like so much heart-shaped candy, and reruns of our favourite romcoms keep the fires of romance burning in every home and every heart. It’s a Valentine’s tableau, and we simply love it.

This V-day, it should be flowers and teddy bears that set your heart aflutter, and not concerns over your safety and security.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of all the ways to love our most innovative gate motor yet, the positively dreamy D5 SMART.

You’ll love…its looks

With its fierce lines and sleek contours, this stone cold stunner will slide straight into your heart. Its bold and modern exterior is complemented by an ergonomic interior designed for a safe, neat and tidy installation that’s as beautiful as it is reliable.

You’ll love…the best theft and break-in protection

Because hearts are the only things meant to be stolen, we’ve equipped the D5 SMART with security features that are at the cutting edge of technological sophistication, including a patented theft-deterrent cage that threads through the gearbox, an integral vibration sensor to detect tampering at the motor as well as movement at the gate, for example in the event of an attempted break-in, and a reinforced gearbox to prevent the gate from being forced open.

You’ll love…incredible speed

The D5 SMART opens and closes gates at lightning speed, helping to ensure that you get into and out of your property safely and securely so that you can enjoy a worry-free Valentine’s Day with that special someone, because nothing says “I care about you” better than the gift of peace of mind.

You’ll love…dual battery backup

Load-shedding is not so bad when you’ve planned a romantic candlelit dinner, but your date probably won’t appreciate being stuck outside the gate in the dark because a power outage has put the gate motor out of action. With two backup batteries, the D5 SMART has you covered. It’s the wingman you always wanted!

Fall in love today. Get the all-new, all-innovative D5 SMART.

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