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When it comes to things that we as South Africans find inconvenient, load shedding is like the Thanos, the final boss of frustration. It’s the main antagonist in our story, and we know that its defeat will bring about a positive conclusion, but there’s always an infuriating post-credit scene where things seem to go awry for our heroes and it’s obvious that there’s going to be a sequel in which the villain comes back stronger than ever, rendering the spectacular battle royale that preceded it more or less futile.

Well, prepare to level up with CENTURION’s range of battery-driven gate motors. Unlike conventional systems that run on mains and only switch to backup when the power source fails – which is rather unreliable – our gate motors keep the batteries in a permanently fully-charged state so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to use your gate even if there’s a long interruption in mains power. The mains are only there to “trickle charge” the batteries so that they’re power outage-ready at all times. This is what we like to call “true battery backup”.

But why is battery backup important?

It’s one of those things that you don’t necessarily realise you need until you’re stuck inside your property, late for an important appointment or, even worse, stranded outside where you’re at risk of falling prey to criminals. This is especially critical when it comes to allowing quick egress of emergency services, fire evacuations, etc., where it is important for the gate to keep working under all conditions regardless if mains power is coming in.

And there are plenty of reasons to choose CENTURION besides offering you uninterrupted security and convenience, including:

  • Nearly four decades of access automation excellence
  • The best long-term reliability in the industry
  • Using high-quality components and the most durable materials, making our gate motors suitable for any environment
  • Unmatched security with ultra-fast opening and closing
  • Making sure you’re in good hands with intensive installer training courses offered throughout the country
  • We stand by our products with a reassuring 24-month warranty and world-class technical support via a variety of channels
  • We help installers to help you thanks to our innovative Service Exchange Program aimed at reducing downtime

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