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If you’re new to the world of Instagram, here’s a brief introduction:

Launched in 2010 as a sort of visually-oriented counterpart to Facebook, the ubiquitous social media network has become the world’s most popular photo-sharing platform, with an estimated 800 million active monthly users.

Storytellers from all walks of life – from foodies to photographers and artists and even celebrities – are turning to Instagram to craft immersive tales using what is perhaps the world’s oldest medium: pictures.


While Instagram has primarily been the playground of private individuals wanting to hone their amateur photography skills – a goal made all the more attainable thanks to the wide selection of professional-looking filters and effects on offer – more and more brands have been embracing the app as a means of showcasing their products and services.


According to CENTURION’s communications coordinator, Charl Mijnhardt, the company’s foray into the world of visual storytelling represents an important part of CENTURION’s social media strategy for the year ahead.

“As we grow both in terms of our product offering and the markets that we serve, it’s becoming increasingly important not only to tell consumers what our solutions can do for them, but to actually show them” says Mijnhardt.

“Listing technical specs and features are important, of course, but actually seeing a D10 in action, or a VANTAGE installed on a beautiful gate, is very powerful. Positioning it all within that visual frame of reference makes it somehow more real, more tangible

Mijnhardt closes by saying that, by showcasing their solutions in real-world applications, the company is effectively making the jump from the purely hypothetical to the corporeal and fully attainable.

“Instagram engages the senses and the emotions, which is the experience that we are striving to create”.

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