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In today’s post, we’ll be answering some frequently asked questions with regards toCENTURION gate motors and access control products, including ancillary equipment such as beams.  We’ve consulted our technical support crew in order to amass a database of the most commonly encountered technical queries. Please feel free to post your own questions in the comments sections and we’ll try to answer them as speedily as possible!

D2 Turbo

Q:  How do I connect infrared beams to the D2 Turbo?

A:  Always connect the transmitter negative to the SAF COM terminal.  This is to facilitate the beam test functionality.

Q: Can I fit steel rack for the D2 Turbo to run on?

A:  We prefer nylon rack as it runs more quietly and is more cost-effective, but you can fit steel rack.

Q:  Can I fit a 7Ah battery or must it be the special 5Ah that is not as common as the 7AH?

A:  Yes you can.  The 5Ah gives us the desired result and keeps the initial purchase price as low as possible.

Q:  If I replace the controller, do I have to reprogram the remotes?

A:  You can use the same memory module that is used for the D5-Evo, D10 and SECTOR, to back up the memory.  This will not only restore your remotes, but any special settings you may have had on the unit.

Q:  How do I restore the D2 Turbo to factory defaults?

A:  1) Remove power from the controller. 2) Remove all wire links.  3) Reapply power while holding down the black run button. 4) The SAF OPN, SAF CLS and LCK LEDs will be illuminated to indicate that the controller has been successfully defaulted.


Q: On G-WEB, my SMS credits have run out. How do I synchronise?

A:  There are two ways.  You can either SMS the word “connect” to the module you want to synchronise the website with, using any mobile phone, or you can purchase G-WEB SMS bundles directly from Centurion Systems.

Q:  How do I default my G-SWITCH-22?

A:  Power down the unit, bridge inputs 1 and 2 to Ground and bridge the set link, then power up the unit.  Remove all the wire links as well as the jumper.  The unit is now defaulted.

Q:  In what format should the mobile number be when I assign a module on G-WEB?

A:  The number must be entered in the international format.


Q: During setup, how do I get the gate to start by opening?

A:  CENTURION gate motors must always start a limit setup by opening first.  With most operators, you can simply swap the motor wires around to change the direction of travel. However, with the A10, you need to adhere to the following procedure to change the direction should the gate start by closing:  1) Fit the jumper and press the reset button.  2) Press and hold the test button until L1 has flashed once, then release. 3) Press and hold the test button until the status LED has flashed twice, then release.  The gate will now start by opening.


Q: How many cycles can the XTrac do in standby mode, i.e. when it goes into the battery low state?

A:  As soon as the mains fail, the operator will start to beep once every 30 seconds to indicate the transition into standby mode.  In this state, you can do 12 to 30 operations depending on the size of the door, door balance, and duration of the power failure.

When the batteries are close to being drained, the unit will start to beep twice every 30 seconds and the unit will be able to do about two to three cycles before being completely shut down.

Q:  If the batteries are fairly flat, how long does it take them to be restored to full voltage?

A:  It can take up to 15 hours to fully recharge the batteries, assuming that they started from shutdown voltage levels.


Q:  How do I program a NOVA remote control to latch?

A:  Power down the receiver, momentarily bridge the erase pins, reapply power and press the desired transmitter button.  Remove the bridge.

Q:  How do I know if the battery in my NOVA transmitter is flat?

A: The LED will flash rapidly whenever a button is pressed.

We will of course be back with more product FAQs, but until then please feel free to post your questions here or contact our Technical Support Team on 0861 003 123 (Sharecall. RSA only).

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