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It sometimes – albeit rarely – happens that a brand becomes so ingrained in the public consciousness that its name becomes the de facto standard representing all activities and pursuits that even broadly relate to said brand.

Perhaps the best-known example of the public adopting a brand name to represent an entire category is that of search engine giant Google, a name that has become so entrenched in the public lexicon that it has taken on the properties of a verb signifying the action of searching for something online.

In fact, the use of Google’s name in this fashion became so commonplace that, on 15 June 2006, it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a verb meaning “[t]o use the Google search engine to find information on the Internet”.

Another prime example comes from the world of domestic cleaning appliances, where a ubiquitous vacuum cleaner brand inspired an entire generation to Hoover their sodden carpets, irrespective of whether or not this particular brand was actually being used.

With 30 years of being South Africa’s market leader in access automation, CENTURION has earned its reputation as the automatic choice (which is also our official corporate slogan) in remote gate access.

So, if you’re thinking about having a gate motor fitted, don’t comprise. CENTURION it.

Here’s why:

Market leader in gate automation

With over 700 thousand units of our world-renowned sliding gate operator, the D5, sold to date, CENTURION owns the lion’s share of the South African gate automation market.

National and international presence

CENTURION boasts eight fully-fledged branches nationwide. In 2011, the company’s first branch beyond our borders opened its doors in Lagos, Nigeria, and a second international branch in Sydney, Australia, was opened in 2015.

The sale and support of our products are further backed up by an extensive network of installers and distributors spanning 72 countries at the time of writing.

Part of the largest access automation brand in the world

On the 1st of July 2016, Centurion Systems was acquired by the largest access automation brand in the world, FAAC, S.p.A.

FAAC was founded in 1965 and is today an international industrial Group with over 2000 employees, 12 production plants in Europe and 30 foreign subsidiary companies throughout the world. The Group Headquarter is based, since its foundation, in Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy.

Uncompromising reliability

Designed in Africa to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions, CENTURION operators boast unsurpassed reliability thanks to the use of the most robust materials, engineering polymers and industry-leading technology.

Renowned after-sales service

CENTURION has built a global reputation as an organisation that is truly invested in the peace and mind and satisfaction of its customers. In addition to our world-famous technical call centre offering support in a variety of local and international languages, we also offer support through digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Award-winning customisable products and solutions

Each and every CENTURION solution is infused with the spirit of compelling innovation, and has been designed to set the standard in terms of reliability and functionality. Some ways in which our obsession with creating industry-defining product manifests itself is through the implementation of world-first technologies, advanced diagnostics, easy installation and maintenance and futuristic features.

You can download our corporate profile from this link.

Don’t compromise. CENTURION it.

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