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We all know that there are times and situations where being punctual is everything. Whether it’s to make a good first impression, or to maintain the equilibrium of our daily routine, no one likes running late or, even worse, being rendered completely unable to make an important appointment. Besides, didn’t someone recently say being early is the new being on time, being on time is the new being late and, if you’re late, you might as well not show up? Like any of us needed that added pressure.

Imagine, if you will, the following anxiety-inducing scenario:

You’re heading to a meeting at work, the kind that could be a watershed moment in your career. You’ve been preparing for your presentation for months, rehearsing it in front of the mirror night after night and practising your delivery and oration to the point where you could win over a panel of sharks if it came to that. The last thing you need is an unwelcome bout of load-shedding to slow you down. And yet, when you press your remote button, you are met with complete defiance from your gate. “Why? Why now?” you beseech the recalcitrant thing before you, even as the distant whirring of generators confirms your worst fears.

And then there is the infinitely more unsettling scenario of being stuck outside your gate.

Like a portent of doom, some dark (literally) omen, the dead traffic lights you encounter on your journey homeward foreshadow even greater frustration and inconvenience when you eventually get home. Now, stuck outside your gate in the driveway, long shadows begin to encroach, the ominous silence of a neighbourhood rendered powerless in every sense rises to deafening crescendo, and you start to worry about your safety. Even if the gate has been placed in manual mode, you’ll still need to abandon the relative security of your car in order to open and close it.

That was before SMART technology from CENTURION came to make your life easier – and more secure.

With the new D5 SMART sliding gate motor, you can still use your gate – even if there’s no electricity. Boasting a reliable dual-battery backup system, you won’t be left out in the cold or stranded in your own yard. As a pioneer of battery backup in access automation, we’ve made doubly sure of that.

You’ll also get:

  • The fastest gate motor in its class, giving you the best security
  • Cutting-edge safety features for your peace of mind
  • The most innovative theft protection on the market

Enquire about the new D5 SMART with two backup batteries today. It’s the intelligent choice.

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