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Whether you’ve just settled into a new home or unboxed your latest cellphone upgrade, there’s something truly satisfying, and even exhilarating, about customising and personalising your new acquisition. From hanging up cherished photos to giving your living space a fresh touch, we instinctively seek to make every aspect of our lives reflect our unique personality and lifestyle.

The same holds true for our digital experiences. As individuals, we long for products and applications that align seamlessly with our tastes and preferences, while prioritising convenience. This desire for personalisation speaks to our need to express ourselves and celebrate our individuality in every interaction we have.

That’s why our new MyCentsys Remote app for CENTURION SMART and ULTRA devices offers a world of customisation possibilities, empowering you to shape your access control experience to perfectly match your preferences.

MyCentsys Remote puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to tailor the app to suit your unique access needs. Here’s how you can personalise it – read on for details on our exciting new competition.

  • Direct the Functionality: With MyCentsys Remote, you have the power to direct and shape the app’s functionality. It adapts to your preferences, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Personalise to Suit Your Needs: Customise MyCentsys Remote to match your lifestyle. Whether it’s setting your preferred home page on start-up, choosing between favourite actions, or defining the default dashboard and inbox, you have full control over how the app works for you.
  • Tailored User Information: Edit and personalise your user information within the app. Make it uniquely yours and ensure that your access control system aligns with your identity.
  • Double Tap Actions for Precision: When linked to your vehicle infotainment system, prevent false triggers with double tap actions. It ensures precise and accurate control, giving you peace of mind.
  • Customise Device Icons for Easy Identification: Say goodbye to generic icons and hello to personalised identification! MyCentsys Remote allows you to customise the icons for each of your CENTURION SMART or ULTRA devices, making it easier than ever to identify and manage your access control. Here’s how:
  • Upload or Capture: Choose any photo or image of your liking to represent your devices. Upload a photo directly from your mobile device or capture a new one within the app. Let your creativity shine!
  • Personalise Actions: Tailor your configured actions to match their functionality and application. Customise names, colours, and icons to suit your preferences. With a vast selection of built-in icons, you’ll find the perfect match for each action.


Don’t miss your chance to win the cutting-edge D5 SMART sliding gate motor! Simply rate the MyCentsys Remote app in the relevant app store, and you could be the lucky winner. It’s time to personalise and win!

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