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While the current state of the world has significantly disrupted and destabilised society, we are fortunate to live in an era in which technology breeds adaptability. From remote workplaces to virtual classrooms, the world is undergoing a massive – some might say unprecedented – transformation that is largely being facilitated by information and communications infrastructures and widespread digitisation. In an article titled “Education 4.0”, thought leader Peter Fisk summarises the future of work and learning thusly: “Global connectivity, smart machines and new media are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about work, what constitutes work, and how we learn and develop the skills to work in the future”.

Over the past couple of weeks under the nationwide lockdown, CENTURION has been presenting a series of online training courses, enabling installers and anyone interested in the fascinating world of access automation to learn about our solutions from the safety of their homes.

With the move to level 1 and the relaxing of many of the lockdown regulations, we are officially resuming our hands-on training for students who have attended our online classes and wish to acquire practical experience with our iconic and beloved D-Series gate motors, while adhering to the necessary protocols for hygiene and sanitation.

So, are you ready to put what you’ve learned into action? Do you want the most in-depth experience with our industry-leading gate motors? Then sign up for our practical training course in November.

If you have completed our three free online training courses, you are eligible to enroll for our practical training and exam for only R300 excluding VAT, 50% of which will be refunded if you complete the practical and written exam with a mark of 80% or more.

Become the installer of choice with CENTURION’s practical installation training. Sign up NOW!

*Note that the practical training is held at our head office in North Riding, Johannesburg.

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