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The celebrated nature poet John Clare (1793-1864) penned what is perhaps one of the most endearing poems about coming home at the end of a long day. Simply titled “Home”, this exquisite literary gem beautifully captures not only the longing one feels for a place of rest and respite, but also the indescribable joy of returning to that place after the rigours of the day have ended. These powerful emotions are perhaps best encapsulated in the third stanza:

“O! fate to give my bosom peace

Unsettl’d as I roam

To bid my restless wanderings cease

And fix me in a home”

We know that arriving home is more than just some automatic action or daily ritual. It’s an experience that’s charged with emotion – the feeling of seeing your loved ones, your pets, the big-screen TV and all the other comforts that you miss during the day.

With the SDO4, that experience begins the moment that you open your garage door. With whisper-quiet operation and movement that’s smoother than a Barry White song, the SDO4 garage door operator for tip-up and sectional doors lets you know you’re home.

A quiet place

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is one the latest crazes to hit YouTube, and involves the “ASMRtist” using auditory stimuli such as whispering or gentle tapping to induce a state of calm in the listener. If you’ve ever watched one of the countless ASMR videos published online, you’ll know that clanging, scraping and screeching are not sounds generally associated with relaxation, and should not readily be tolerated from one’s garage door motor.

Fortunately, thanks to some clever engineering and a deep respect for the sanctity of silence, we’ve created a garage door automation solution that’s as whisper-quiet as it’s easy to install and set up.

Safe haven

Your home is your place of safety and security; your sanctum sanctorum, if you will. It only makes sense that you would want your garage door to be representative of the shelter and comfort of your cosy domicile. With its adaptive anti-crushing circuitry, your SDO4 ensures complete peace of mind by causing the door to stop and reverse if an obstruction is detected, preventing serious damage or injury.

AlwaysOn convenience

You need to be somewhere in a hurry. The power goes out. You’re going nowhere. Unless you have the SDO4, that is. The SDO4 switches seamlessly between mains and battery power in the event of a power outage, so it’s always on. You can even use solar power to charge the system.

Total security at the press of a button

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world… and so is the hand that controls Holiday Lockout Mode! This on-board high-security feature allows you to electronically lock your garage door by pressing one of the Wireless Wall Switch or remote control buttons, giving you total control of who gets in.

Ask your installer about the SDO4 today, and experience what coming home should feel like.

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