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Take a moment to think about the last piece of technology that you acquired. It could be a smart TV, a mobile phone or a fitness wearable if you’re in the habit of doing regular exercise. What do all of these devices have in common?

Well, for one thing, chances are that they form part of a larger interconnected ecosystem, for example your phone interfacing with your television set, etc. But you may also have noticed a certain aesthetic and design trend that favours sleekness and elegance.

With CENTURION’s VANTAGE swing gate motor, you needn’t deface your property with bulky, utilitarian eye-sores that deliver function without any flair. This bold operator from the access automation leaders boast a stylish, modern finish, making it a beautiful addition to any swing gate.

Impactful and intelligent, CENTURION swing gate motors are made from the finest components and the most robust and durable materials to ensure reliable operation in any environment, even in very windy conditions, thanks to an integral braking system.

The power of our swing gate solutions lies in the subtle blending of ruggedness and good looks. They embody gentle simplicity processed through industrial sensibilities for the perfect combination of function and form to give you a gate motor that is both durable and dazzling. Boasting tough-as-nails aluminium construction throughout as well as a grade 304 stainless steel wormshaft, our swing gate motors are as tough as they come. In addition, innovative mechanical design combined with sophisticated motor control technology ensures that your swing gate motor will move like pure poetry in motion.

When it comes to practical benefits, having the VANTAGE installed to automate your entrance gate, means no more getting out in the pouring rain or boiling sun to push your gate open and closed manually. You can now control your gate with the push of a button or even with a missed call thanks to seamless integration with our GSM solutions.

We pioneered battery backup in gate motors, and the VANTAGE comes standard with a reliable backup system to ensure that it can still be used even during lengthy power outages.

And did we mention that it’s completely solar-ready? Solar is a great source of renewable energy, and the VANTAGE can be hooked up to a solar supply giving you not only better power failure autonomy by enabling you to decouple from the utility grid, but helping you to enjoy our industry-leading security and convenience wherever you are, even if there’s no electricity available at the gate.

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