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Reflecting on the undeniably contemplative nature of the holiday season, the Indian-born actor Prabhas once commented, “[a] holiday is an opportunity to journey within”.

It’s certainly an axiomatic sentiment that most of us will agree with, for the start of the holidays represents the culmination of 12 long months of hard work and various life experiences: some good, others perhaps a bit more challenging. So, some introspection is all but inevitable, a natural by-product of wanting to ensure that the year ahead is as happy and fruitful as possible.

But, of course, there is also the opportunity to contemplate the things that make up our external, physical environment even as we take stock of what is important to us and what our immediate needs are.

When last have you given thought to your home’s security? Unless you were recently the unfortunate victim of some property-related crime such as a break-in, chances are that security isn’t a conscious part of your inner monologue and perhaps not all that high on your list of priorities.

If you’re fortunate enough to be taking an actual journey in addition to the one you’ll be directing inwards, beefing up your home security for when you’re out of town can go a long way towards ensuring a worry-free trip. And, if you’ll just be relaxing at home or working this holiday season, well, that’s even more reason to get your home security up to scratch – you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind, and your family will thank you.

For the ultimate in holiday security and peace of mind, the fast-thinking and fast-moving D5 SMART sliding gate motor is here to change the way you think about gate motors. It’s time for your gate to move with the times – after all, why settle for average when you can go SMART? Our latest domestic offering gives you a fully customisable experience, including allowing your remote controls to be fine-tuned just the way you like it to match your unique requirements, fully configurable run profiles and adjustable speed and sensitivity, not to mention intruder-detection and reliable battery-driven technology. It’s your ticket to the SMART life.

From a security perspective, you just can’t go wrong with this innovative and feature-rich operator because, not only does it move at blazing speed, ensuring you and your loved ones get into and out of your property safely and securely, but it’s flush with high-security features such as Holiday Lockout; Intruder-detection Alarms; a trailblazing vibration sensor to alert you to tampering, potential theft, forced openings and break-ins; and onboard time-barring so that you can control who opens your gate and when.

If you’ll be working through the holidays, your business will probably be doing some heavy lifting, so let a D10 SMART or D20 SMART commercial and industrial sliding gate operator lighten the load. Just like our domestic model, the D5 SMART, our heavy-duty solutions deliver excellent security while also scoffing at high traffic volumes and heavy gates.

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