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It’s a new year, and you’re all set for washboard abs and a watertight budget. This year, every calorie and every cent will be counted. You’ll do a thousand steps and spend an hour in the gym every day, eat five small meals and dedicate twenty minutes to meditation to round off your daily wellness routine.

Unfortunately, personal security can’t be quantified. You can’t do ten reps of alarm system or four sets of vigilance. What you can do, however, is apply the principles of personal wellness to ensure a more secure 2019 for you and your loved ones. Here’s how:

Have a balanced diet

Just like your body needs nutrients from different food groups, so different security systems can work together to provide holistic peace of mind and address a variety of potential threats. For example, combining a gate motor with a GSM system means that you can control access while simultaneously monitoring the gate status, alarm and even the electric fence, depending on how the system has been set up.

Get active

We all know that working out has countless benefits from both a physical and mental health perspective. It’s good for your muscles and bones, can help prevent chronic illness and has even been proven to elevate mood, possibly due to increased blood flow to the brain as well as the release of endorphins, which are the body’s “feel-good” hormones.

When it comes to security, you can be more active by joining a community policing forum (CPF) and becoming actively involved in your community’s – as well as your own – safety. You can also exercise vigilance by reporting suspicious activity, changing your routine (for example by taking a different route to work every other day) and keeping a list of emergency numbers on speed dial.

Don’t forget your greens!

Leafy greens such as spinach and kale are important sources of iron, a mineral that plays a key role in the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Getting enough iron in your diet not only promotes physical strength and endurance, but can boost your immune system and help fight off illness and infections.

Green also happens to be the colour of our world-famous gate motors, which are designed to fight off a different kind of intruder. With a variety of high-security features including passive infrared automatic closing, time-barring of inputs and built-in Intruder-detection Alarms, CENTURION gate motors form an integral part of a healthy access control diet.

To summarise, here are a few key tips for a more secure 2019:

  • Become actively involved in your community’s safety by joining a community policing forum
  • Report suspicious activity in your area to the authorities
  • Change up your routine
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers on speed dial
  • Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM
  • Integrate different security systems for a holistic, well-rounded solution
  • Take advantage of your gate motor’s many high-security features
  • Regularly test your alarm system to ensure that it is working properly
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