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IFSEC 2012 is now behind us and we’re happy to report that it was a huge success!  For those of you who didn’t get a chance to visit our stand, here’s what went down:

Upon arriving at the venue on Tuesday, we were greeted by an absolute marvel of a stand – instantly transporting those in attendance to a technological wonderland where security meets science fiction.  It was like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – but with gadgets!

Before long our stand was teeming with visitors wanting to get a sneak peak at what’s new in the CENTURION camp and suffice it to say jaws dropped as we introduced them to our latest innovations.

Our Photon infrared beams with a wireless transmitter were the undisputed stars of the show, leaving visitors suitably excited at the prospect of not having to tunnel under driveways in order to achieve maximum gate safety. Nary a soul left Exhibition Hall 2 that wasn’t in love with this advancement in automated safety.

Another showstopper was our brand new range of industrial roller-shutter operators known as the RSO, also revealed for the first time at IFSEC 2012.  And indeed, who wouldn’t be impressed at the sight of an operator a mere 600mm long effortlessly lifting a door weighing up to half a ton?  Even a certain green superhero might back away from a power lifting contest involving any of the three RSO models!

Finally, we used IFSEC 2012 as an opportunity to introduce the public to our very own 11-pin loop detectorFLUX 11 offers all the marvellous functionality of its standalone and onboard siblings – including audible and visual diagnostics, wide self-tuning range and ultra-fast detection times – but with an 11-pin connector that interfaces seamlessly with the bases found in the majority of vehicle access systems.  To quote John Travolta in the movie Broken Arrow:  “Ain’t it cool?”

We at CENTURION would like to thank the organisers of this absolutely spectacular eventand of course all you great guys and gals that braved the cold in order to visit our stand. We really had a terrific turnout this year and it’s all thanks to – all together now – YOU!

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