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Since first being introduced in 2005, streaming video site YouTube has become the world’s leading online source of cross-generational information and entertainment with over 1.9 billion logged-in monthly users. Not only has the site given content producers a platform to share their knowledge, skills and creativity, but it has connected media consumers to the content they care about and created numerous opportunities to form interest groups and cyber communities. YouTube has completely destabilised traditional media, giving rise to an entirely new genre and empowering the next generation of social influencers to use the power of video to spread their message. As Manuel Castells points out in his seminal book The Rise of the Network Society, “[n]ew forms of mass self-communication have originated from the ingenuity of young users-turned-producers”.

Knowledge- and skills-sharing have been a staple of YouTube since the platform’s early days; students are learning maths and history from online classes, while users from the older generation are teaching themselves new crafts and hobbies.

CENTURION recently launched SMART TV, a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to our new D5 SMART sliding gate motor. Here, you’ll find a library of fantastic content such as installation pro-tips as well as the operator’s latest features as they become available. Because the D5 SMART is such a remarkably dynamic and intelligent solution, we’ll be continuously adding to and enhancing its functionality, and video updates on the latest releases will be published on SMART TV.

As an added bonus, new videos will also be indexed by the MyCentsys Pro mobile app, so you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

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