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We recently released our fastest gate motor yet, the D10 Turbo.  Have a read of the below article to see how turbo-charging your gate could potentially benefit you.

The need for speed.  The inherent desire – the craving – we feel for all things fast.  We look on with white-knuckled excitement as Formula One cars tear along the track at breakneck velocity, we install miles of fibre optic cable to enhance the speed of our internet connections, and the Gautrain bears testimony to our inborn yearning to be the fastest things in the universe.  Even Science is not exempt from this yearning, with countless years and funding going towards study and research that will hopefully one day allow us to achieve that most elusive of all speeds – the speed of light.

The CENTURION D10 Turbo sliding gate operator is one device that will definitely satisfy this need, while at the same time bringing maximum security and convenience to your home or business.  We’ve all heard of opportunistic hijackers and other criminals hiding in the bushes, just waiting for the homeowner to drive up to the gate so they can make their move.  We become sitting ducks for these evildoers.  Now imagine if your gate could open at 50 meters per minute and close at the same blistering speed the moment that your safety beams have been cleared, leaving the would-be intruder pondering what went wrong while you are safe and sound inside your property.  Unless the attacker is a comic book superhero (and perhaps even then), chances are he will be left in the dust by this turbo-charged operator.

But why stop at speed?  It’ll do no good beating around the proverbial bush when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones.  That is why CENTURION has introduced two world-first innovations, namely the Break-in Alarm and Ambush Alarm facilities, both of which bring hi-tech intruder detection to the home front.  Interfacing your infrared safety beams with an external alarm or buzzer allows you to be notified via an audio output the moment the beam lenses are obscured or stop working.  What does that mean to the average home or business owner?  Well, it means that you’ll know when someone is loitering outside your gate or when a criminal covers your beams (the MO of many a would-be burglar or carjacker) with the intent of gaining access to your property.

You can also expect Herculean endurance from the D10 Turbo.  That mythological hero was given twelve tasks to complete, but the very real D10 Turbo can handle up to 750 – every single day!  This mean feat is made possible by twin 7Ah batteries, which allow the operator to pack a powerful 24V DC punch.  Just some of the other features contained within the D10 Turbo’s intelligent controller are adjustable ramp-up and ramp-down distances, adjustable crawl speed, an automatic closing facility, and innovative world-first timing technology.

So if it’s Extreme Speed, Extreme Reliability, and Extreme I.Q. that you’re after, rest easy in the knowledge that the D10 Turbo takes all of these things in its (turbo-charged) stride.

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