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But for the steady drone of traffic lazily drifting in from the invisible highway, there’s precious little indication that we’re somewhere in the heart of Johannesburg. In front of us – and seemingly stretching to the horizon which is only now, at about 6:30, beginning to blush with the rising sun – is a sprawling golf course lined with trees already ablaze with fiery autumnal splendour.

It’s a setting befitting the crowning of a king, which is exactly what CENTURION marketing and sales director Richard Rohman will be officiating in just a couple of hours.

For the moment, however, the Johannesburg Country Club in Woodmead is a hive of activity as staff from CENTURION and Events Company Contact Media scurry to get the venue ready for the coronation ceremony of what we are calling the heir to the throne of access automation, the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier.

The guests – among them architects, property developers and installers of security development – start to arrive at 9am, after enjoying some coffee and conversation, sit down to a hearty breakfast, lovingly prepared by the gastronomical artistes of the Johannesburg Country Club.

Shortly after, Richard finally takes to the stage, accompanied by the sounds of royal trumpets that echo through the club’s Kingfisher Hall.

“Our tale begins, as these things often do,” Richard booms, “once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away…”

While Richard keeps the audience spellbound as he traces the original SECTOR’s meteoric rise to glory as the valiant guardian of housing estates, airports, car dealerships, office parks and even warehouses, the real focus is on the six beauties that flank him on either side.

A direct descendant of its predecessor, and yet superior in so many ways, the SECTOR II is sleeker, harder, better, and has been adorned with a crown as is befitting a king.

Richard spends some time on the exceptional aesthetics of the SECTOR II – highlighting the sleek, attractive design, stylish powder-coated aluminium lid (which includes a condensation shield) and three stunningly beautiful colours in which the enclosure is available – before moving on to the optimised layout.

The electronics carrier has been moved to the top of the barrier, Richard explains, for easy access. It is now at the perfect working height and looks much neater, incorporating cable channels and dedicated, independent switches for AC and DC isolation. Additionally, the all-important SECTOR controller neatly clips into its holder but is still hinged so that it can be tilted up to expose components underneath. The battery is housed in its own easily-accessible pocket, while the charger is tucked away neatly underneath the controller.

The access door is in the spotlight next, with a brief treatise on its clever design allowing it to be easily unclipped from the cabinet, and an illustrative animated video clip to drive the message home.

Some 20 minutes later, and our guests have been given a thorough education in what makes the SECTOR II superior to its predecessor, and what makes it stand out head and shoulders above the competition.

For your edification, here’s the executive summary:

  • Easy access to electronics
  •  Sleek, attractive design
  • Available in different coulours to befit any entrance
  • Die-cast aluminium lid for greater durability
  • Pre-wired for quicker installation
  •  AC and DC isolators for greater safety
  • Convenient mains connector for easy maintenance
  • Extended battery compartment for longer power failure autonomy
  • Seamless integration with CLAWS for easier installation and enhanced security

Vivat rex! Long live the king!

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