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Because access gates are intended to serve a specific purpose and need to be suited to the environment, application and architectural context of their installation, it stands to reason that gates come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. While gates can be divided into two broad categories – namely swing and sliding – there are further factors that may influence the profile and orientation of your gate and, by extension, the type of operator needed to automate it.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll be focusing specifically on swing gates because, as you’ll find out, swing gates generally have certain nuances and characteristics that will determine your choice of automation system. If this is something you’d like to learn more about – as well as how our latest cutting-edge tech can help solve your swing gate automation needs – read on!

Choosing the right gate operator for your specific gate is crucial, as it determines the gate’s functionality, security, and overall performance. Factors such as the size and weight of the gate, the frequency of use, and the architectural environment of the gate’s installation all play a role in determining the appropriate operator. For swing gates, there are two primary types of operators: linear and rotary. The choice of operator will depend on the specific profile of the gate. While linear operators are suitable for some gates, rotary operators provide a more specialised solution for other gates.

The upshot of this division is that you need to consider what sort of technology will provide the best reliability for your gate and, for rotary configurations, the newly-launched R6 rotary swing gate motor is a stalwart solution for the ultimate in security, convenience and peace of mind.

The R6 is a gate motor of obvious distinction that you’ll be proud to own. The R6 is a robust swing gate operator that is ideal for sights that experience windy conditions. Our proven techniques combined with superior engineering and the most robust and durable materials ensure that the R6 is a long-term companion for your swing gate and a formidable access automation solution for your home.

With innovative built-in safety and security features, the R6 is not only polished and refined, but it’s your assurance of peace of mind.

Here are some additional features that make the R6 a swing above the rest:

  • 2 variants available – High torque (390Nm) and Standard Torque (300Nm) – offers a higher push force than the previous R3 and R5 operators.
  • The ultimate in security with a solidly-built internal locking mechanism and rapid opening and closing
  • The R6 ensures a smooth, graceful operation, extending the motor’s lifespan.
  • Ready for any power outage with time-proven battery backup
  • Safe and quiet functioning
  • Easy to upgrade to the latest and best – can be retrofitted to existing R3, R5 and MaxiMate sites

Choose the rotary swing gate motor that’s a swing above the rest – get your R6 today from Centurion Systems today!

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