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Since pretty much the dawn of civilisation, those looking to better themselves and advance their prospects in life by acquiring new skills and knowledge have hung on the lips of learned men and women who, in a sense, were the modern world’s first rock stars. The members of the world’s earliest societies were drawn to education because, well, life was tough and getting a leg-up was important for progress and mastery of the environment. While simply surviving wasn’t the challenge it was in prehistoric times, early advanced civilisations still had their fair share of challenges that they sought to overcome through learning, and early teachers such as Confucius ensured that education was made available to the general, knowledge-thirsty, population.

Today, as in historic times, learning and training remain the cornerstones of personal and commercial success, which, together, fit under the umbrella term of “development”.

We even attach some emotional value – perhaps even reverence – to the process of learning.

Only very recently, social media newsfeeds burst with unfettered wholesomeness as proud mommies and daddies around South Africa posted photos of their studious superstars, their academic aces, their prodigious and precocious progenies heading off to their first day of school. All smiles and very much looking the part in their dapper, neatly-pressed uniforms, it was truly inspiring to see our kids take their first – or next step – in the journey towards a bright future marked by success and excellence.

Of course, learning is a lifelong endeavour and doesn’t end the moment that we graduate from our respective educational institutions. As an installer, keeping ahead of the ever-changing technology curve is vital to your success, and attending CENTURION’s world-class training coursesupskilling and sharpening your skills – is your passport to becoming the installer of choice.

Make an investment in your future and enquire about our industry-leading installer training programme today by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also check out our 2023 training roster here.

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