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It’s an irrefutable fact that we spend a lot of time online. Like, a lot. Exactly how much time? Well, according to Business Insider, the average Nigerian spends about 3 hours 42 minutes on social media networks every day – the highest in Africa – and we also have the highest number of Internet users on the continent with an impressive 109.2 million netizens.

We share our thoughts, ideas, feelings and opinions on Facebook and Twitter – the recently-Elon Muskified microblog to crown all microblogs (are there other ones? We haven’t heard of ‘em. Twitter! Twitter!) – get a little artistic on Instagram, and build professional networks on LinkedIn. With Tik Tok gaining momentum – and a lot of it – plugging into an ever-growing network is pretty much guaranteed. Online activity obviously spiked during lockdown as Skype and Teams meetings as well as telecommuting became the norm for many of us.

But, even with so many interactive digital platforms to keep us pinned to our computer and smartphone screens, people do still have to go outside from time to time, to public spaces (gasp), even if it’s just to snap some sweet pics for the ‘Gram or find a piece of philosophical graffiti to put on their Facebook feed. After all, an existence predicated solely on cyberspace would be a pretty lonely one, and we sometimes need actual human interaction to remind us that everything isn’t just comment section flame wars or hilarious memes. Let’s take a walk outside into the wild, wonderful real world. Don’t worry, it’s only scary for a couple of minutes until we realise that this was life in the pre-Internet days. Double gasp!

And, when we are out in public playing the part of pedestrian, we want the area to be defined and demarcated in some way, so that rogue and runaway vehicles won’t be able to cross the (hopefully real) barrier between us and them. In short, we need to feel safe and secure when we’re a walkin’ around or congregating with other people.

As an installer, systems integrator or property developer, you are probably already acutely aware of these safety challenges.

But what is a professional like you to do?

How about specifying some traffic bollards made by a company with more than five decades’ experience in the access automation space? Sounds like a pretty safe bet to us if it’s performance and reliability you want, which we’re sure you do.

You want to know more? Allow us to oblige.

Believe us, these spaces get busier than social media after the latest faux pas by a public figure, so it’d make sense that you want a high-frequency or high-volume traffic regulation and perimeter protection solution, right? Makes sense to us – and we can help!

Wherever there’s hustle and bustle, you need real muscle.

The JS275 H600 goes the distance and works harder, with hard-wearing parts that deliver the ultimate in endurance and long-term reliability guaranteeing it for high-frequency use. Even the most demanding and strenuous operating conditions are no match for the J275, because it’s been designed for intensive use in high-volume environments and is the complete solution for defining pedestrian areas and controlling vehicular access in commercial, industrial and urban restricted areas. It’s a bollard that can take a beating but never miss a beat, built for performance and reliability.

Get the JS275 bollard from Centurion Systems West Africa today.

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