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As an installer of access control equipment, chances are that inductive ground loops have driven you, well, loopy.  Unfortunately, most loop detectors offer precious little by way of diagnostics and you’re often left wasting hours troubleshooting.

CENTURION recently released a new range of loop detectors to come to the rescue of every installer who has ever pulled his hair out in exasperation over a recalcitrant loop.

This range of highly-sensitive detectors, known collectively as FLUX, steps to the forefront of vehicle access control by providing user-friendly and comprehensive diagnostic indicators via a series of LEDs.  The stand-alone model, known as FLUX SA, also provides audio feedback by means of an onboard buzzer.  With FLUX, finding the correct sensitivity setting as easy as observing the detection level LEDs.  Commissioning the system literally means wiring up the ground loop, applying power, and bringing a metal object close to the loop while the indicator LEDs show you whether you need to go more sensitive or less.

In addition, troubleshooting is handled by the three diagnostic LEDs, with visual indications for Power, Loop Fault, and Detection.

Some of the other advanced features offered by the FLUX range, are:

  • Very fast detection speed for quick response times
  • Excellent immunity to external interference for improved reliability
  • Easy to install and commission saving you time and money
  • Removable terminals for quick and easy maintenance
  • Dedicated reset button to assist with quick maintenance procedures
  • Wide, adaptive self-tuning range for outstanding reliability
  • Selectable Permanent Presence feature prevents unintended gate closure

So fear not!  You can prepare for an “inFLUX” of loop-related jobs now that we’ve made it so easy!

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