G-Remote App will no longer work After 31st August 2024

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Winter is here. For some, it signals a welcome reprieve from the often-stifling South African heat and brings with it a certain cosiness, while others might not be so keen on the arrival of Jack Frost and his frigid ministrations. Whatever your feelings towards the season, you can count on one thing: the country’s electricity supply will be taking massive strain as heaters are switched on, and that means load-shedding.

Already, large parts of the country have been plunged into darkness for as long as a full day as this villainous character makes its unwelcome return onto the scene, bringing unfettered chaos in its wake.

There are the minor inconveniences, like being unable to make a warm beverage, and then there are the major hazards, for example not being able to use your electric gate.

Right out the gate (how’s that for an appropriate pun?) a gate motor that runs on mains alone is going to let you down. The moment that the power goes out, that machine is going to quit on you and you’ll either be imprisoned in your yard or stranded outside in your driveway, which isn’t just hugely inconvenient, but potentially dangerous. In addition to the sense-of-humour failures that the aforementioned scenarios will inevitably lead to, having to leave your vehicle to open your gate manually – or simply being immobile – places you at increased risk of being targeted by opportunistic criminals.

Alternatively, your gate motor may be equipped with some sort of backup facility, but it might not be of sufficient capacity to cope with frequent use during a protracted power outage. After all, just because there’s no electricity doesn’t mean that your priorities have changed: you still have to use your gate to go to work, drop off and pick up the kids from school, let in your domestic worker, and chances are that you aren’t the only one using the gate, meaning an increased number of operations with limited standby power.

The new 24V D5 SMART gate motor for sliding gates is ready for any power outage with two backup batteries, giving you more operations during load-shedding, which translates into more security, more convenience and more peace of mind. For you. With the D5 SMART, you’ll feel empowered, even when the power is out.

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