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American entrepreneur and web developer Matt Mullenweg – best-known for developing the free and open-source software WordPress – once said, “technology is best when it brings people together”. And, certainly, innovations such as social media (an area in which Mullenweg is a renowned and respected influencer) demonstrate the power of technology – in this case digital – to connect, link and unite through its use of dynamic and ever-expanding networks.

But social media isn’t the only technology that has been central to a more integrated and connected society. e-Commerce, ride-hailing apps and online dating have been driving the shift towards complete unification at a societal level, while simultaneously creating a simpler, less complicated life.

In line with this, our access automation solutions have been developed with the express purpose of making lives easier for people from all walks of life, while also bringing people together by helping to create safer, more secure spaces and environments that promote peace of mind.

However, we are also passionate about taking this philosophy – which we have adopted as our brand essence – to scenarios where our clients from all over the world may require technical support on our products and solutions, which is why we recently launched a new Live Chat feature that our clients can use to get answers to their technical support queries in real-time.

Experience our commitment to excellence and dedication to client satisfaction by making use of the new Live Chat widget, giving you instant access to world-class technical support.

Connecting with our friendly and professional support agents has never been easier, because we’re putting leading-edge after-sales service right at your fingertips, combining the best features of an award-winning access automation brand with unrivalled knowledge and expertise from the best in the industry.

Because a picture paints a thousand words, the Live Chat feature also allows you to attach various media files, which includes not only photos and images, but also videos and voice notes.

Find the Live Chat widget on the following online and mobile platforms:

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