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Do you remember the first mobile phones that were commercially available around the early 2000s? They were big, clunky and largely utilitarian. You could make and receive calls, send SMS text messages (remember those?) and possibly lose a couple hours playing Snake.

Well, mobile telephony has evolved and advanced at a pace unrivalled by most other technological innovations. Not only are modern cellphones superior in terms of their cosmetic appearance – what with their sleek, streamlined designs – but they offer rich functionality well beyond mere communication. They are a world away from the rudimentary feature phones of the past, a journey underpinned by advancements in wireless connectivity technology. The Advanced Mobile Phone System begat circuit-switched data; 1G begat 2G; 2G begat 3G. And so forth.

Thanks to these remarkable innovations, your mobile phone can be used with our G-ULTRA range of GSM solutions to remotely monitor and control a wide variety of systems, appliances and solutions including gate and garage door motors, pool pumps, irrigation, alarm systems and even pool pumps.

And now we’re making your life even easier with a new SIM card plan that offers fantastic benefits like:

Always connected

You get free data for the life of the product! No more running out of data. No more hassles. Just always-on ULTRA convenience when using the G-REMOTE app.

Free app functionality

Using the G-REMOTE app for monitoring and control won’t cost you a thing with free activations and notifications.

Simple airtime and SMS balance display

The revamped and simplified balance view will give you an accurate, intuitive and easy-to-understand breakdown of your voice and SMS balances.

Low token notification

You’ll always know when you’re running low – thanks to low threshold notifications for voice and SMS balances pushed directly to your phone..

Terms and Conditions

  • Free data is only applicable when using the G REMOTE app; tokens will need to be purchased when making use of SMS notifications
  • It is still necessary to purchase airtime/tokens for voice communication on the G-SPEAK ULTRA
  • Call and SMS tokens will never expire
  • Rejected voice calls will not use tokens
  • All token balances are stored on the SIM card
  • SIM cards are device locked and can only be used in G-ULTRA and G-SPEAK products
  • Firmware required on devices: 2.x.8 or later (2G) and 2.x.8 or later (3G)
  • Solution only valid if the device is installed and used in South Africa with MTN network coverage
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