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Don’t just think of the green motor

Think of…making your life easier

Whether through intelligent graphic interfaces for easy setup or modular construction for greatly simplified maintenance, our gate motors have been designed to make your life easier and save you time onsite. They are also packed with high-security features that can be effortlessly selected using the built-in LCD panels.

Ease of installation, setup and maintenance

Centurion Systems has embraced a design philosophy that emphasises intuitiveness and user-friendliness. We believe in creating products that make your life easier, thanks to innovations such as:

Graphic interfaces and setup wizards

If you’ve ever installed a D-Series gate motor such as a D5-Evo or a D10, you’ll know what a pleasure it is to commission the system and configure the operator’s many features. An intuitive setup wizard guides you through the entire setup procedure, while the controller’s supremely easy navigation – made possible through an LCD user interface coupled with a four-button cluster – lets you effortlessly flip through features and operating parameters.

Intelligent diagnostic feedback

CENTURION gate motors perpetually monitor system health in real-time, keeping tabs on “vital statistics” such as current draw, charging voltage and the position of the origin magnet relative to the motor.

What makes CENTURION gate motors particularly sophisticated and advanced, however, is their ability to intelligently articulate “where it hurts”, so to speak. Our D-Series range provides both audible and visual feedback of the gate status at any given time, as well as reporting on any fault conditions that it may encounter.  In addition, a designated diagnostic screen makes fault-finding a breeze.

Wireless technology

Wireless solutions are quicker and easier to install, saving you hours onsite and enabling you to do more jobs and substantially increase your profit margin. Your clients will also thank you for not defacing their properties and saving them a wad of cash on cabling costs. CENTURION’s ever-expanding wireless range includes keypads, safety beams and GSM-based devices for remote monitoring and control.

Clever design and smart hardware


One example of CENTURION’s ongoing commitment to providing our clients with reliable access automation products that are easily maintained and largely autonomous, can be seen in our D2 Turbo sliding gate motor; a domestic operator the click-together design and modular construction of which make it a veritable dream to assemble and disassemble for maintenance procedures. This design philosophy is also evident in CENTURION’s CLAWS roadway spikes and TRAPEX barrier fences, both of which are constructed in a modular fashion (which also makes them easy to transport and tailor to individual site requirements).



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