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In an age characterised by rapid, unprecedented technological evolution, consumers and business often find themselves in a desperate race to stay ahead of the latest trends and innovations informing their daily lives and enterprises. Think back to the rise of ubiquitous computing (“ubicomp”) towards the end of the previous century – and, more recently, the advent of smartphones – and chances are you remember barely installing the requisite operating system on your device before the next hardware version was made available. This all-too-familiar scenario is lampooned in the satirical comedy The Onion Movie, released in 2003 when the relentless delivery of new tech was at its peak, with one skit featuring a hapless and frustrated consumer purchasing the latest (at the time in this fictional universe) desktop computer for his home (“the Bates 4000”) only to find himself repeating this cycle with a new version being advertised (“The Bates 5000 is now available!”) the moment that he arrives home with his new purchase.  Yes, it’s satire but, like most texts in this genre, it’s based on reality and usually predicated on things we can relate to.

The inexorable turning of the technology wheel has given rise to the concept of “future proofing”: the process of anticipating the future and developing methods of minimising the effects of shocks and stresses of future events (source). With most industries becoming increasingly reliant on the role of technology in commerce, future proofing is not only important, but critical to the survival of businesses.

As the access automation industry-leader, our technology is constantly evolving to give you and your clients the best possible experience. With the MyCentsys Pro app for D5 SMART, you’ll never be left behind thanks to automatic updates, ensuring that you are always equipped with all the latest, most innovative features and functionality. MyCentsys Pro is what we like to call a living interface, meaning that the developments and tweaks we make behind the scenes will be pulled through to the front-end of the app to make your life easier.

In addition to helping you future proof your business, the app offers installers the following innovative features:

  • Super-fast setup and configuration of features with graphic wizards to make life even easier
  • Easy management of remote controls
  • Instant access to advanced, in-app diagnostics and logs
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Future-proof your business with automatic updates of features
  • Adjust gate speed and other operating parameters with a few simple taps
  • The app comes pre-loaded with wiring diagrams for the most common applications

Download the MyCentsys Pro app free from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei Appgallery.

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