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In an increasingly advanced society, technology has become a sort of framing device, a companion piece to humanity’s narrative of continuous innovation. Virtually every facet of our reality is viewed through the lens of technology, from culture to the dissemination and consumption of information, with so-called new media, i.e. media that is delivered digitally and is computational in nature, creating a new paradigm in the overall human experience. In the age of mass communication, Canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan’s famous aphorism of “the medium is the message” certainly rings true, for “it is the medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action”, as per a whitepaper published by MIT.

The rise of mobile applications has been central to this societal transformation, and the vast influence of these “mini programs” permeates our interactions with our environment. According to the CVent blog, mobile apps have changed the world by satisfying our immediate need for information, facilitating instant communication and connection, increasing work productivity, and simplifying daily tasks.

Combining the technological sophistication of CENTURION’s most innovative gate motor yet with the power of mobile to deliver cutting edge convenience and futuristic functionality, the next generation of access automation intelligence is here.

The new MyCentsys Pro mobile app has been developed to make life easier with easy, wireless setup and configuration of the CENTURION D5 SMART gate motor, with a robust suite of features tailor-made to help users unleash the full potential of this award-winning operator.

Why use the MyCentsys Pro app?

  • Super-fast setup and configuration of features with graphic wizards to make life even easier
  • Easy management of remote controls
  • Instant access to advanced, in-app diagnostics and logs
  • Intelligent reporting
  • Future-proof your business with automatic updates of features
  • Adjust gate speed and other operating parameters with a few simple taps
  • The app comes pre-loaded with wiring diagrams for the most common applications


With MyCentsys Pro, users also get an all-access pass to loads of great video content, with new videos being published directly to the app as they are released.

SMART TV offers you:

Installation tips

Install like a pro and be sliding in no time with easy-to-follow video tutorials and walkthroughs covering everything from fitting the power supply to using a pre-installed baseplate.

What’s new?

The D5 SMART is our most dynamic solution, and we’ll continuously be making new functionality available to give you the true SMΔRT experience. With SMART TV, you’ll be the first to know about the latest and best features as they are released.

Watch onsite, at home, or on the go

We automatically publish new videos to the MyCentsys Pro mobile app, so you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

Download the app now free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and be part of the future of access automation.

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