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Home Alone is arguably one of the most beloved holiday movies of all time. In the film – which was an important vehicle for future star Macaulay Culkin –  two bumbling criminals (played to perfection by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) find themselves being outsmarted in increasingly creative (and painful) ways by a kid who, for some or other bizarre reason, gets left behind by his family when they depart to spend Christmas in Paris. Hilarious hijinks and booby traps abound, and, naturally, the crooks are no match for the supervillain-level genius of Culkin’s character.

In reality, though, most of us tend to ensure that all family members are accounted for before leaving on holiday, and don’t necessarily want to go through the effort of rigging our homes with Micro Machines at the bottom of staircases and mountains of feathers strategically placed in front of fans. To quote a popular Internet meme: “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

So how do you enjoy your holiday break without worrying about what’s going on back home? Well, you could obviously turn your home into a booby-trapped fortress, or you could just install the CENTURION G-ULTRA: the hi-tech house sitter that lets you take peace of mind with you wherever you go.

The functionality of the G-ULTRA can be divided into two distinct feature-sets: namely monitoring and control.

From a control perspective, the G-ULTRA essentially turns your mobile phone into a long-distance remote control, enabling you to conveniently and remotely activate up to six connected devices from virtually anywhere. You could, for example, open your entrance gate for garden services, pet sitters or armed response companies while you’re chilling on the beach, or switch on your sprinklers and alarm system without having to leave that prime fishing spot.

On the monitoring side, the G-ULTRA is the ultimate watchdog, and can be setup to send you push notifications when your alarm has been armed of triggered, your gate has been activated*, or even when there’s been a power cut, ensuring that you don’t come home to any nasty surprises.

So go ahead and give yourself the gift of peace of mind this festive season. Get the G-ULTRA today.

*CENTURION gate motors only

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