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There are a staggering – scratch that, mind-melting – 100 billion planets in the galactic neighbourhood known as the Milky Way and, despite many years of searching and an equally mind-melting amount of money and resources spent trying to find life beyond our own, Earth is so far the only planet with conditions suitable for harbouring life at a multicellular level.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to give you an astronomy lesson. The point we’re really trying to make is that, although Earth is optimal for sustaining human and animal life, it’s still a planet of profound environmental and climatic extremes. From frozen tundras to scorched deserts to lush rainforests, our little rock has it all! And, for the most part, we are very much adaptable to our environment, but that isn’t necessarily the case for the equipment and technology we use on a daily basis, especially if said technology is being used outdoors, where it has very little protection against the elements.

Well, if you have a CENTURION gate motor, or you’re planning on getting one, we’re here to put your mind at ease.

We realise that gate motors, as a general rule, are installed in an outdoor environment – its intended location is right there in the name, after all.

You’ll be happy to known, then, that CENTURION gate motors are made from the most durable and robust materials to withstand the harshest operating, climatic and atmospheric conditions and work reliably in any environment.

Let’s take our new D5 SMART sliding gate motor, for example.

This innovative operator’s protective housing is injection-moulded using engineering polymers, with the motor and gearbox rated at one-hundred-fifty operations per day. Additionally, the enclosure is IP-55 rated (you can learn more about ingress protection ratings here), though it can handle a temporary flood situation thanks to the sealed gearbox and raised location of the electronics.

Moving on to our bold and beautiful swing gate selection, the VANTAGE casing is made from high-grade aluminium castings with custom-made seals and a fully-sealed camlock to prevent water from getting into the unit, which means exceptional long-term reliability and performance. The extruded tube, which is the bit covering part of the piston, is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium (that’s pretty tough!) which has been anodised for greater resistance to oxidation. It’s also thicker, which makes it not only more reliable, but better-looking than most other gate motors in the VANTAGE’s class.

In short, our talented engineers and production team go to great lengths to ensure that your gate motors can weather the environment, so that you can have peace of mind in your security solution.

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