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With shopping to be done, trips to be planned and work to be tied up before the holidays, it’s no wonder that this is called the silly season. Nevertheless, whether you’ll be staying home or hitting the open road, there’s plenty to look forward to and, even if you’re working through the Festive Season, lighter traffic is reason enough to celebrate. This time of year can feel like a veritable whirlwind and, despite the holidays being a time for rest and relaxation, it’s easy to get stressed out when you should be winding down.

Your home’s security is something you definitely don’t want to be worrying about, especially since crime rates tend to rise over December, and with load-shedding set to ramp up in the coming months, leaving properties vulnerable.

If security is something that you’re losing sleep over, or you’re simply looking to enhance convenience and simplify your life, these four CENTURION solutions are geared towards putting your mind at ease and making your life easier for the holidays and beyond.


The D5 SMART represents the next generation in gate access, and is simply the finest domestic gate motor you can buy. In addition to its striking and modern design, this cutting-edge solution opens and closes gates in the fraction of the time it takes other sliding gate access products in its class, ensuring you get into and out of your property safely and securely. Beyond that, this award-winning gate motor is flush with high-security features, including an integrated tamper/break-in alarm, that can be effortlessly linked to your phone, a sound bomb or even an external alarm system. The D5 SMART boasts dependable battery-driven technology, so your access control works even during power outages.


Imagine having your world in the palm of your hand, and security literally at your fingertips. With the CENTURION ULTRA 4G-enabled GSM range, the possibilities are virtually endless, and you can tailor your access control and automation to your unique requirements. Control your gate, alarm, sprinklers, outside lights and much more from your smartphone using the MyCentsys Remote mobile app – the intuitive commanding hub for your ULTRA solutions. If you’re planning on being away from home for the holidays, the G-SPEAK ULTRA gives you a sense of dual presence and your home the appearance of occupancy by enabling you to answer your intercom from anywhere.

The ULTRA range is now empowered with 4G technology, bringing a host of benefits and making it the forefront of modern communication solutions. With 4G connectivity, enjoy excellent network coverage that extends to even the most remote areas, ensuring you stay connected wherever you go. Transfer data at lightning speeds, for instant activation of connected devices, whether your gate motor, outside lights, or alarm panel, as well as quicker access to information – all from your mobile handset and the MyCentsys Remote app. The transition to 4G also translates to increased reliability, offering a stable and consistent connection for all your remote monitoring and control needs.  


If you’re looking to add an extra layer of security to your access gate, look no further than the tough-as-nails GLX900 electric gate and door lock. With a commanding break-in strength of 900kg, the GLX900 is the perfect companion for your SMART gate motor, and fortifies your property with unwavering reliability.

With load-shedding set to ramp up in the coming months, you’ll be delighted to know that the GLX900 remains lock even when there is no mains power, so you can enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind.

MyCentsys Remote

As part of the SMART ecosystem, the MyCentsys Remote mobile app brings all the solutions in your access automation network together. Enjoy unmatched control over your gate, customise the many advanced features, keep tabs on system health, and even receive push notifications of errors and alarms on your phone. The interface is artfully designed to give you an exceptional experience and enhance your peace of mind so that you can rest easier this Festive Season, and all year round.

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