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We’ve all been there. You need some seemingly minor spare part for your car/refrigerator/washing machine/sentient cyborg warrior only to be told by the manufacturer that they’re all out of stock and the shipment has been delayed on account of a kraken attack or alien abduction.

Frustrated, you resort to washing your laundry – which is now covered in grease from tinkering with your recalcitrant vehicle – and hope that the aliens that waylaid the consignment of spares are friendly and release the crew soon. Also, your cyborg warrior won’t be able to travel back in time to save John Connor from the army of the nefarious Skynet.

When it comes to your gate motor, you probably don’t have a cache of spare parts on-hand unless you’re an installer or technician. Even if it’s just a minor part that you can easily replace on your own, gate motor components are specialised and can’t just be picked up from your local hardware store. Besides, you want to be sure that you obtain your spares from the original equipment manufacturer or an authorised distributor.

If you are an installer, you want the peace of mind of knowing that the spares needed for a call-out are readily available and, furthermore, are of the best quality so that you won’t have to replace them – or deal with an irate client – any time soon.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our branches and distributors are always well stocked, so you won’t have to hike to some remote village in the Himalayas to get your hands on spare parts for your gate motor.

When you choose CENTURION genuine parts, you can be assured that:

  • You get top quality components that have been manufactured and tested according to our stringent quality standards
  • You’ll have access to world-class service and support
  • The spares you need are available from your nearest branch or distributor
  • Your spares come with a reassuring 24 month carry-in warranty
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