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It’s a debate as old as technology itself: can tech be sexy? Good-looking hardware like Apple’s delectable iPhone range has proven that the answer is a resounding “yes” and, with a new and improved version of CENTURION’s Photon infrared beams on the horizon, there’s no denying the fact that security technology is breaking free from its utilitarian shackles.

With its daring lines, sleek, modern design and refined finish, there’s something distinctly Batman-esque about Photon. Like the Bat-suite, Photon’s jet-black enclosure is sexy, sophisticated and yet screams authority.

Of course, Photon has always been exceptionally good looking, and the latest upgrade comes in the form of a vastly improved operating range, some 30 metres (versus 10 metres in the previous version). This means that Photon beams can now be fitted on much wider entrances, and provide excellent automated gate safety in a wide variety of applications, from smaller domestic gates to the gaping maws of entrances to business parks, factories, etc.

Like its predecessor, Photon v2 boasts a completely wireless, battery-powered transmitter, obviating the need for costly, time-consuming and labour-intensive digging, tunneling and routing. Commissioning the system is also an absolute dream, thanks to the innovative built-in Installer Mode which, when enabled, causes the beam receiver to emit a 4KHz tone when the two modules have been optimally aligned.

With such stylish good looks, minimal wiring and easy setup as well as a longer range, there really is no reason not to enjoy exceptional gate safety.

The new Photon will be hitting shelves soon, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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