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When you buy a new appliance, tool or piece of equipment, the first thing you’ll consider is probably its utility; in other words what it does and how it can help you solve a particular problem that you have. However, if it’s something the whole family is likely to use, say a microwave oven, chances are you’ll also be taking into account how safe it is. Sure, you need it to warm up and defrost food, but it should also be protective against dangerous emissions and suitably isolated. It could be something as innocuous as installing or enabling a parental block on your Internet browser and satellite decoder to protect your kids against being exposed to potentially harmful content, or a more drastic intervention like upgrading your vehicle to one that has airbags and braking assistance.

The point is, your family’s safety (and your own), is a massive deciding factor when making most major purchases.

If you have a gate motor at home, or are considering having one installed, it’s important that it can be operated without posing a safety hazard, especially given that it’s a mechanical system with moving parts.

As a family business with deeply engrained family values, we have always placed great emphasis on safety. You’re in good hands.

Using custom-designed test jigs conceived by the most talented and accomplished engineers in the field, our repair centre is geared toward ensuring that your gate motor always performs not only reliably, but also in complete safety.

Our gate motors are also equipped with state-of-the-art obstruction detection technology with adjustable sensitivity settings, ensuring that you have total peace of mind knowing that you, your family, pets and vehicles are out of harm’s way. In addition, they make it easy for your installer to connect supplementary safety devices such as infrared beams and sensitive edges.

Every product that leaves our factory floor has been tested to 100% specification in our in-house test farm, and our production facility boasts the ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certification, meaning that it conforms to the highest safety and quality standards.

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