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Quality can take many forms. If you’re an avid reader, you want the content of what you’re reading to be free of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and poor syntax. When you listen to music on your favourite streaming service, you expect crisp, clear audio. Or just think of the last call you had on a telecommunications application such as Skype or Teams. What was that like? Was the connection stable or was there a lot of lagging and buffering that left you missing large parts of the conversation?

We expect – even demand – quality in virtually everything we consume, whether it be in our clothes, food or technology.

Just think of your mobile phone. If you pick it up, you’ll feel its weight in your hand, which means that it’s solidly-built and structurally sound and can withstand heavy daily use, and, if you were to run your fingers over the screen or the spots where its various parts are joined, you’ll (hopefully) know that it’s a product of superior craftsmanship.

As Greek philosopher Aristotle said, “quality is an act, not a habit”, which is why, when we design a product, excellent quality and reliability are big areas of focus for us, and we ensure that the product can stand up to harsh environmental conditions and work reliably in practically every setting and on a wide variety of sites.

You just have to look at our commercial and industrial range to see how we put this design philosophy into practice, because ruggedness and robustness are non-negotiable requirements where there are heavy traffic volumes as well as a more demanding environment, which may include elements such as dust and other contaminants that one commonly finds on such sites.

When we developed the SECTOR II automatic traffic barrier, we didn’t cut any corners to ensure that it is a steadfast solution for even the most rigorous sites and can really take the hard knocks. Mechanically, it is an incredibly robust operator made from only the most durable, long-wearing materials to ensure a long lifespan and reliable operation no matter where it is installed.

The enclosure is made from tough pre-galvanised steel, which improves corrosion resistance, while the powder-coated aluminium lid not only gives the unit an updated look – making it a beautiful addition to any site where aesthetics are important – but also protects the electronics against moisture ingress.

Under the hood, as it were, we’ve equipped the SECTOR II traffic barrier with a powerful DC motor and beefy gearbox that has been precision-engineered to deliver maximum torque as well as last for hundreds of thousands of cycles.

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