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With shopping centres and other venues steadily filling up after an anaemic couple months under lockdown, commercial security and access control are once again in the spotlight. As traffic to these business premises increases, with many now operating at full capacity, so also does the need to safeguard both people – visitors, customers and employees – as well as assets, against falling prey to criminals, who will be exploiting a more active commercial sector.

For the best angle in high-volume vehicular access control, the CENTURION SECTOR II provides a sturdy, versatile and dependable barrier against unauthorised entry and egress and is suitable for a wide variety of environments, from residential complexes and business parks to car dealerships and hospitals.

Like all our products, the SECTOR II has been rigorously tested in our in-house test farm, which is jointly overseen by our R & D and production teams, and pushed to the limit with over one million non-stop cycles recorded, making this formidable solution practically indefatigable. Onsite, the SECTOR II is specified for an incredible three thousand cycles per day – and that’s running on battery backup alone, a vital feature with intermittent load-shedding recently making the rounds. The barrier comes standard with a seven ampere-hour backup battery, but its enclosure makes provision for larger batteries up to 35 ampere-hours, providing even greater power failure autonomy and peace of mind.

A robust, durable and slim line operator casing made from tough, weather-resistant zinc-passivated mild steel for inland sites and grade 430 stainless steel with an epoxy-coating for coastal plains, ensures that the SECTOR II can withstand harsh environmental conditions and work reliably even when installed outside in unforgiving climates. A powder-coated lid with condensation protection gives the barrier an updated look and protects the electronics – which reside conveniently at the top of the enclosure, giving installers quick and easy access – against moisture damage.

As a security solution, the barrier helps put the kibosh on tailgating thanks to high-speed raising and lowering of the boom pole and can easily be integrated with our CLAWS tyre killers and TRAPEX pedestrian barrier fence for the best all-round defence.

Ready to raise security with the SECTOR II high-volume traffic barrier from the access automation leaders? Contact us today.

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