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In the grand scheme of things, twenty years doesn’t seem like a very long time, right? And yet, since the dawn of the new millennium just over two decades ago, innovations and progress have practically redefined the human experience. Not only has advancements in technology revolutionised the way we work and play, but it’s given us unprecedented choice and control to direct the functionality of the various tools we use in our daily lives, whether that be to communicate better or to enjoy easy access to entertainment. Innovations such as the rise of mobile internet and streaming services are some of the most important and far-reaching changes to have been developed since the year 2000, and the world is much different to what it was then.

Feature-rich, multi-purpose and flexible technologies have more or less become a necessity in modern society as it becomes ever more complex and advanced and, today, we can connect to the world wide web from our smartphones, rent movies from video-on-demand platforms and may even be able to make our daily commute in a self-driving car in the very near future.

In today’s modern and complex world in which industry and commerce are such an essential part of a functioning and efficient society, access control is more important than ever. With so many different needs and requirements, it’s essential that we have tools that can adapt to our specific needs.

With its wide variety of features, the SECTOR II traffic barrier can be adapted to meet your specific access control needs. Whether you need to regulate access to a parking lot or a loading dock, this product can get the job done, boasting innovative, fully customisable options such as adjustable speed, automatic lowering and run profiles.

If you need an all-in-one solution for traffic control and management, the SECTOR II from CENTURION has everything you’ve always wanted in a traffic barrier, from lightning-fast operation for unequalled security, to an intuitive controller jam-packed with features. With the SECTOR II, you’re always in control of the barrier’s functionality, because we know that every site comes with its own requirements and challenges in terms of security and access control, and you need a solution that keeps pace with the demands of today’s commercial and industrial environments.

Lowering a boom pole in the fraction of the time it takes other traffic barriers, there aren’t many things that’ll be getting past the CENTURION SECTOR II. From helping to prevent vehicle theft to streamlining operations to stopping tailgaters dead in their tracks, the SECTOR II is the high-speed, high-security traffic control solution that gives you peace of mind without delay. But what is performance without control? With the SECTOR II, you choose the speed, independently adjustable for opening and closing. Set the barrier to blazing fast raising to keep things moving smoothly, and a more sedate lowering for increased safety. Whatever your preference, the SECTOR II puts you at the controls.

For busy office parks and other premises that require smooth and efficient traffic flow, the SECTOR II traffic barrier’s built-in Free Exit feature delivers maximum convenience, raising the boom when a vehicle approaches and lowering in complete safety once the vehicle has passed through. Free Exit can be configured for both unidirectional and bidirectional traffic.

In the event that the power to your premises goes out, the last thing you want is for traffic to back up, causing confusion and frustration. Luckily, the SECTOR II can be set up so that the boom pole automatically raises in the event of a power outage, keeping traffic moving and ensuring that people can get into and out of the premises. If you’re worried about maintaining security, Fail Secure Mode locks the boom in the lowered position should there be an interruption in mains power. These are great options to have in these eventualities – but, thanks to reliable battery-driven technology, your SECTOR II delivers an incredible number of operations without mains which, along with its mains-failed options, gives you the ultimate in peace of mind.

The SECTOR II traffic barrier puts the operating state of the system within reach at all times thanks to the innovative Barrier Status feature. This is not only a great safety feature, but it enables the barrier to communicate with external equipment and devices, for example in an interlocked installation where the barrier has been integrated with a gate motor, or with another barrier, as well as with alarm systems and programmable logic controllers. So not only does the SECTOR II provide reliable traffic control, but it also seamlessly integrates with other systems to ensure smooth and secure access management.

Discover the power of the SECTOR II for yourself and take control of your traffic management needs today.

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