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Whereas in the past security systems existed largely in silos, today we are seeing a much more holistic and integrative approach to home security driven by the proliferation of wireless communication technology and the Internet of Things, which describes the exchange of data between physical devices connected over the Internet. These advancements have had a profound effect upon the broader context of access control and how we interact with these solutions, as well as how they interact with each other. The rise of networked, interconnected ecosystems is changing the way we think about physical security and has been instrumental in reshaping this branch of technology to deliver systems that are singularly flexible and scalable in their design and functionality. One could almost compare it to the concept of the “cinematic” or “shared” universe in film (both of which have become part of the common lexicon with the rise of the modern superhero movie), in which characters from different parts of a series’ or franchise’s canon share an overall milieu, premise and purpose without necessarily occupying the same physical space at a given time.

In short, the contemporary security system is a world unto itself, and an exciting one at that. To quote co-founder of Aria Systems Brendan O’Brien in a display of scarcely contained excitement, “if you think the Internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!”

But what are the implications for homeowners, and how can they fully utilise this interconnected world to maximise their security?

Well, for one thing, linked systems are able to communicate, coordinate and create feedback loops to provide a much more intelligent and robust configuration. Emancipated from wires, these solutions can work independently or in concert and are enshrined in the digital schema of the Information Age.

It is in the heady glow of this technological revolution that we designed the D5 SMART gate motor: a product that is as powerful as a standalone solution as it is as part of a larger security ecosystem. With its triptych of main features consisting of high-speed operation, intelligent theft and break-in protection – which includes a patented theft-deterrent cage and integral vibration sensor – and dual battery backup for continued operation during power outages, the D5 SMART is the very embodiment of compelling innovation.

Harnessing the superior expandability of the device, the user can connect a G-ULTRA GSM solution to remotely control and monitor their gate from anywhere using only their phone and the custom G-REMOTE mobile app. Besides remotely operating one’s gate, the ULTRA range can be used for a plethora of other applications such as switching on lights, controlling pool pumps and sprinklers, and monitoring fluid levels and mains power – all from one’s phone.

To achieve a complete solution for smart security, CENTURION’s highly innovative WiZo-Link – essentially a wireless wire – creates wireless connections between devices, meaning that the D5 SMART’S vibration sensor can be easily interfaced with a sound bomb or alarm system to deter would-be criminals and alert homeowners to tampering at the gate or gate motor, and can even be linked to armed response companies for swift reaction in the aforementioned events.

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